Fallen From Grace

MF_FallenFromGrace_smallDr. Danny Thorne risked everything to save Grace Hargrove, the woman he loves, from the dark secrets of The Terra Project. He defied authority for her, let thousands of people die for her, and pulled every string possible to create the perfect world for her. But he lied to her and manipulated her, and in the end he lost her. He is left to struggle for his existence and the continued existence of the survivors of The Terra Project without her. Vengeance is coming. The forces of convicted conspirator Brian Kutrosky are on their way, and Kutrosky has made it clear that Danny will be the first to die when they arrive.

Hope is not lost. What begins with a confession and a sign on the horizon starts Danny on a path to redemption. He has one chance to win Grace back, one chance to prove that he shares her vision of a new, peaceful world and is prepared to sacrifice everything to actualize it. To do so, he must outwit the soldier Kinn—who holds Grace’s life in his iron grip—in a race to find and destroy the beacon that is drawing Kutrosky’s ship closer and closer to their moon. His life, Grace’s love, and the future of their fledgling civilization hang in the balance between self-sacrifice and the courage to kill who must be killed.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and many other booksellers.

Now, if I gave you a preview of this one it would totally spoil Saving Grace!

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