Merry Farmer’s Trail of Passion

Did you know that there’s an entire, beautiful blog and book store for the Pioneer Hearts reader’s group? It’s pretty awesome! I was asked to talk a bit about my latest release and future projects for today, so pop on over and read all about Trail of Passion and some other fun stuff I have coming up!

Pioneer Hearts

~ Talking with Merry Farmer

People frequently ask me, “What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?” The answer is always the same: “The one I’m working on now.” No, really! I’m not joking about that. There’s something about the book you’re working on now that’s magical. I feel that way about Trail of Passion at the moment. A lot of what makes me love it is how much fun I’ve been having with the characters and how they’re revealing themselves to me. So when Cissie asked me these questions, I knew just how to answer….

1) Where did the idea for Trail of Passion come from?

Okay, I’ll confess. I like nerdy guys. They’re just fantastic, as far as I’m concerned. A lot of romance heroes are the tough, strong, alpha male type (that I secretly don’t like very much). So I wanted to see how a smart, thoughtful, slightly…

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