Excerpt Wednesday – Our Little Secrets gets another look

Excerpt Wednesday! How about another little taste of Our Little Secrets? It’s currently still free, soooo….

Our Little Secrets

The alley was almost as busy as the main street, but with housewives hanging laundry in their yards and children playing rather than town commerce. Charlotte received a few curious smiles and nods. She waved back, feeling entirely satisfied with her choices. She hugged her carpetbag.

She sighed as she turned onto the side road that lead back to Main Street where the bank was. Could she do it? Was she really mad enough to marry a stranger in a frontier town?

Of course she could, she answered herself. Michael West presented her with the opportunity to start over with everything she wanted, a job, a home, and a purpose. It was more than her step-father had ever tempted her with.

As Charlotte reached Main Street her glance fell on a man crossing towards the saloon. She gasped as her heart dropped to her stomach. It was him. Even with the distance she recognized his scruffy beard and stocky build. She clutched her carpetbag close and jumped back to press against the wall of the nearest shop. In an instant she was trembling from head to toe.

What was he doing here? The man had failed to rob her in St. Louis, but the terror of those desperate minutes when she had fought him off in the dark still haunted her. He wouldn’t have followed her this far, would he? It wouldn’t be worth the effort. She didn’t have that much.

Unless he was after more than the contents of their carpetbag.

She gulped and took a breath before inching her way to peek around the corner.

The man was gone. The few people who walked in the street appeared to be townspeople. Charlotte dropped her shoulders and let out a breath.

She hadn’t imagined him, had she? Maybe? But no. She’d fought off the would-be robber in St. Louis. She was certain she’d seen the same man again in Denver. That was most definitely him just now.

Someone was following her.

Like I said, Our Little Secrets is still free. You can download it on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and everywhere else.

Starting next week, I’ll be featuring excerpts from the next book in the Hot on the Trail series, Trail of Longing, Emma and Dean’s story!


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