Wednesday Excerpt!

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for an excerpt. Here’s a cute little scene from Trail of Kisses…


“I’ll have you know that I am an prize-winning sharpshooter.”

“Are you?” She intended her tone to be teasing, but was genuinely interested. “What award did you win?”

Cade settled back in his saddle, brushing the revolver in its holster at his hip. “Couple years back, there was a competition around the Fourth of July in Denver City. Your uncle hosted it and offered a prize to the winner, a contract to work with him.”

“Oh?” Lynne perked up. “What a good idea. And you won?”

Cade nodded. “I did, but it was a close contest. Jerry Poole, a prospector turned supplier, came close to outshooting me in the last round. It was a fine contest.”

As his eyes unfocused, he smiled. The tiny lines around his eyes added to his smile instead of making him look tired. The sight sent a satisfied thrill through Lynne’s chest.

“They had to keep moving the targets back, first five feet at a time, then ten, and finally five yards. Jerry and I, we kept shooting and hitting the mark.”

“So how did you win?”

His smile grew wider.

“Bessy Harding.”

“Who?” Lynne asked, her voice suddenly flat, her stomach knotting.

Cade chuckled. “Bessy ran a boarding house on the west side of town. She was so sweet on Jerry that you didn’t have to put sugar in your coffee when they were within fifty feet of each other.”

“Oh.” Lynne relaxed, her smile returning.

Cade’s grin grew wider. “Jerry liked her too, but never worked up the nerve to say anything about it. Come the final round, Bessy found a place at the edge of the barrier separating the contestants from the shooters. Just as Jerry was taking aim, she leaned over to wish him luck. Poor Jerry took one look at her….” He cleared his throat. “At her attractions,” he went on, “and fired off before he was in position. You better believe we’ve never let him live that one down.”

Lynne laughed, but she had the distinct impression there was more to the joke than she’d caught.
“I take it you made your shot?” she asked.

He brushed the edge of his hat’s brim. “Oh, you’d better believe that I never fire too early and I hit that mark every time.”

He was teasing her. She didn’t know how, but he was definitely teasing her. The dancing light in his eyes and the ease of his smile gave it away.

He shook his head and went on. “Turns out your uncle had already decided to hire me, contest or no. He’s friends with my father. So both Jerry and I got jobs. It was a good day.”

There you have it! Trail of Kisses, coming October 27th to anywhere eBooks are sold.

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