Trail of Kisses – Yummy Excerpt!

Yep, once again, it’s Wednesday, so I can’t resist sharing a snippet of Trail of Kisses with you.


Lynne growled in frustration. “Ridiculous man,” she said as she threw the pillow on the wagon bed and turned to put the blanket away.

A moment later she shrieked at the top of her lungs and backpedaled.

“Spider! Spider! Spider!”

She knocked Cade’s injured ankle and tumbled. Cade stifled a shout as he reached out to catch her. She plopped across his lap, skirts flying every which way, hair slipping loose from the twist at the back of her head. Cade squeezed her tight as her chest rose and fell in panic.

“Brave, huh?”

She was still for half a second, then writhed and struggled to get away. She was at the wrong angle to do it, though, and Cade held her firmly.

“Ow, ow, stop poking me,” he laughed in spite of the sharp pain her knees and elbows caused.

“Let me go, then,” she demanded.

“Not on your life. It’s my job to protect you from outlaws and assassins and vicious spiders.”

She stopped struggling and twisted so that she could glare at him. “I’m not afraid of spiders.”

“Oh no?”

“No. So you can let me go now.” She pressed her hands against his bare chest to push away.

His heart sped up when the tension in her arms softened and her hands splayed wider across his chest. Her eyes lingered where her hands were, her mouth falling open, lips soft. Her touch was enough to make him forget every bit of pain he was in. Her hands belonged on him, belonged right where they were and lower. She must have known it too, because she smoothed her palms across the plain of his chest, teasing his nipples hard with the tips of her fingers.

He circled his arms further around her, tugging her close. Her mouth was too inviting to resist. He covered it with his own, tasting her with passion and possession. She wasn’t the sort to faint or recoil from him. She might slap him—that would be Lynne, all right—but she didn’t. Instead she leaned into him, running her hands up his chest to his shoulders, along his neck to hold the sides of his face as she let him kiss her. More than let him, she met his searching tongue with a moan that had him hard in an instant. He nipped at her bottom lip with his teeth and shivered when she gasped.

He had dipped close for another soul-stealing kiss when she pulled away. “It was just a spider,” she whispered, breathless.

He cradled the back of her head and kissed her again.

“If that’s what I get for a spider, what would you do if we crossed paths with a bear?”

“I—” She breathed the word against his mouth, lips touching his for the briefest moment before she wrenched herself away. “I should make sure they found Arrow,” she said.

She cleared her throat as she stood and rolled away from him. Her cheeks were bright pink and her chest strained against her blouse as she caught her breath. She reached up to pat her hair, but it was beyond a simple fix. She was the most beautiful thing Cade had ever seen just as she was.

“You stay here and guard the wagon,” she said in a hurry and scooted to the back, ready to hop down. “I’ll…I’ll find Arrow.”

As soon as she slipped off the back of the wagon, Cade let out a breath and sank to lie on his back in the jostling wagon bed. He laughed even though it hurt. She was wrong about one thing, though. He was brave. Only a brave man would be thinking the thoughts he had about Lynne Tremaine.

There you have it! Trail of Kisses, coming October 27th to anywhere eBooks are sold.

But guess what? *whispers* You can pre-order it now! Not only that, while it is in pre-order status, you can buy it for the low, low price of $0.99! But act now, once the official release date gets here, the price will go up to the regular $3.99.


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