Trail of Kisses – Another Sneak Peek

It’s Wednesday! So here’s another peek at my upcoming book Trail of Kisses, the first in the new Hot on the Trail series about the Oregon Trail….

“I think you like me,” he said, hoping to get a reaction from her that would distract him from the pain.

It worked. “Of course I like you. My uncle hired you.”

“No, I think you like me.” He worked himself up to a smile when what he really wanted to do was grimace. “I think that’s why you like staring at me the way you do.”

“I do not stare at you,” she insisted. She finished with his arm and examined his side.

“You’re staring at me right now.”

“I’m treating your wounds.”

“Yep, and I just bet you’re thinking about how handsome I am while you’re at it.”

She paused and rocked back on her heels, back braced against a pile of crates. It didn’t take her far away from him. Come to think of it, the wagon bed was closed and cramped. And heating up in spite of Lynne’s frown.

“Any man can be handsome,” she said at last. “So what if you are. You’re also ridiculous and cowardly.”

“Cowardly?” He balked.

“I’m sure you’re about to say something about how you think whoever is supposedly out to kill me tampered with your gun too, that maybe they’re trying to kill you now. In fact, the answer is probably just that you bought a faulty gun back at the fort.”

“I—” He blinked as he considered her words. He’d been too sore to think about that yet, but she had a point. A bad point. If her would-be assassin was trying to take him out too now, it could be a problem.

“If you ever head back to Ft. Kearny,” she went on, studying the scrapes on his calf, “I think you should ask for your money back. They shouldn’t go selling faulty guns. It’s dangerous.”

Cade’s lips parted to say something, but he held back. Lynne was afraid. She’d guessed at the truth but was trying to fight it. She was a lot smarter about the predicament she was in than she wanted to let on, maybe even to herself.

“Honey, it’s going to be all right,” he said in as soothing a voice as he could manage.

It had the opposite effect. Lynne’s eyes flared wide in indignation.

“How dare you call me ‘honey’ like I’m some saloon girl?” she snapped. “I don’t need you to tell me things will be all right. I know they will. I’m going to make sure they are.”

All right, maybe sweet words weren’t the way to go with Lynne Tremaine.

“I forgot,” he said. “You’re brave. Nothing frightens you.”

“Exactly,” she said, throwing the bandage at him. He still held the bottle, though, and for a moment Cade thought she would take a swig from it to prove her point. Instead she reached for the cork on top of the boxes and stopped the bottle, then put it away.

“Any man can be handsome,” she went on, plucking the whiskey-soaked bandage from his hands and tying it around the worst of the scrapes on his calf. “It takes a special man to be brave.”

His lips wobbled from a grimace to a smile. “So you think I’m handsome, then?”

She tied off the bandage with a vicious jerk. Cade cried out before he could stop himself.

“Did I say I thought you were handsome?” she said.

“You were staring at me,” he growled and straightened his leg. The throbbing was worse after her efforts to heal him.

Lynne sniffed and rocked back on her haunches. “You are handsome,” she admitted, chin tipped up. “I think you know that.”

Cade shrugged, grin growing. He adjusted to sit more comfortably with his back against the stack of boxes in the wagon.

“I have yet to determine if you’re brave,” Lynne finished.

Cade barked a laugh. “Still? After all we’ve been through?” Through his pain, he winked at her.

“Still,” she answered, firm as ever.

There you have it! Trail of Kisses, coming October 27th to anywhere eBooks are sold.

But guess what? *whispers* You can pre-order it now! Not only that, while it is in pre-order status, you can buy it for the low, low price of $0.99! But act now, once the official release date gets here, the price will go up to the regular $3.99.


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