Saving Grace – A Little Taste

MF_SavingGrace_2I’ve been horribly remiss about writing blog posts lately, but in my defense, it’s because I’ve been working SO HARD on the first two books in my Grace’s Moon  series, Saving Grace and Fallen From Grace.  So just to prove that I haven’t been goofing off, here’s a little snippet from Saving Grace

“I don’t want to waste time talking this morning,” she began. “Gil says that the days are longer here, but that doesn’t mean daylight will last forever. We need to explore the area, search for resources and find a suitable area for a more permanent settlement.”

She was distinctly aware of Sean shifting to cross his arms and stand taller behind her, as if giving authority to her words with his physical presence. She didn’t have time to be annoyed. Neither did Danny, though he looked it.

“We know the river runs along the bottom of a series of hills like the one we’re standing on right now. The river looks like it widens in that direction.”

She pointed where the river ran downstream, suddenly hoping the treasure chests contained compasses and that the moon at least had a magnetic north so they could determine direction.

“We’ll need one team to explore that way, maybe two if we break into smaller groups. On the other side of this hill there’s a valley. The smoke from the other ship came from that direction so we can assume that those survivors are waiting for us there. Past that there are higher hills and eventually mountains, but I don’t expect we’ll reach them any time soon.” A few people chuckled. “It might be nice to have another team head further inland to see what kind of resources are available there.”

“I’ll need some people to stay here and help with this too,” Stacey spoke up.

“I need to set up my equipment in the valley to take more measurements,” Gil added, searching through the contents of the crate spread across the ground as he talked, not appearing to actually notice any of them.

“There are thirty-eight of us,” Grace nodded. “Let’s form three teams of ten to explore and leave eight here to see to the camp and help Gil.”

“I’ll take a group downriver into the forest.” Beth raised a hand to volunteer. A few of her friends offered to go with her.

“Thanks, Beth.” A surge of confidence built in Grace’s gut. They were getting somewhere. “Dave, can you take a group inland?”


“And I’ll cross the valley on the river side to look for the other wreck,” she continued.

“Grace, you can’t go out there,” Sean immediately contradicted her, lowering his voice as he continued with, “Kutrosky is with that group.”

Grace blinked. “So? What does Kutrosky matter now?”

Sean sighed and crossed his arms. “Don’t play that game. You know it matters.”

“It doesn’t. I need to make sure the survivors over there are okay. We need to bring them back with us. I’m going across the valley, even if I have to go alone.”

“I’m not letting you wander off by yourself again.” Carrie stepped up almost before she had finished.

“Neither am I.” Sean was just as fast to announce his intentions.

“Good.” Grace turned and met Danny’s eyes. He nodded. “Perfect. Make sure you all take water and ration packs with you,” she instructed the swiftly forming groups. “Designate someone to record anything useful that you see, edible plants, wildlife, possible shelters. And take some of the guns with you but do not use them!” She raised her voice to emphasize the order over the din of eager explorers.

When her comment garnered more than a few frowns she said, “There are other people out there. We can’t afford any more accidents like yesterday. No one can get hurt, but more importantly, no one can die. We need every last one of us if we’re going to form a viable long-term civilization, okay? Be careful and try to be back here by sunset.”

Instructions over, she turned to Danny as he closed the distance between them. “Think you’re going to keep me out of trouble?”

His expression softened. “Since when have I ever successfully kept you out of trouble?”

“Touché.” He winked.

Five minutes alone with Danny to sort things out? An hour would be better. Days. Maybe a lifetime.

“Grace.” Stacey pulled her attention before she could leave. Grace turned to the crates where Stacey was still fishing for items. “You might be able to use some of this.”

“What have you got?”

She and Danny walked to the side of the crate with Carrie and Sean following.

“It looks like there are backpacks in here, bigger and better than those tissue paper things on the pods.” She pulled one out and handed it to her. “And more canteens, but we already have those.”

“What on earth is that?” She nodded at a large curved metal disc like a bowl at the bottom of the crate.

“It’s a brazier,” Danny told her as he leaned over her shoulder to look in the crate. “And those look like pots.”

A chill went down Grace’s spine. “I guess we’ll be able to cook dinner tonight then.”

She stood, backing into Danny’s chest. His arms closed around her to steady her and she was grateful for the moment of reassurance.

“This isn’t right,” she murmured.

“Are you complaining?” he whispered back.

She shook her head, aware of both Sean and Carrie watching them with different versions of the same hostile frown. She couldn’t hide her thoughts from them.
“I was holding out hope that the explosion on the transport ship was an accident.” She slung the backpack Stacey hastily packed for her over one shoulder and started up the hillside. “This doesn’t look like an accident.”

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