Sarah Sunshine, Revisited

Sarah Sunshine cover_smallIt’s almost here! In Your Arms is almost here! (actually, it is here, but not officially). But I’ve got one more book from my Montana Romance series to revisit before we switch to all Lily and Christian all the time.

But first, I just have to brag. I mean, how could I not? Sarah Sunshine got THE BEST review in this month’s InD’Tale Magazine! 4.5 out of 5 star and a Crowned Heart! Here’s what they had to say (and yes, I’m still blushing):

“Sarah Withers is free. Her contract with the local saloon is finally up and she can’t wait to begin a new life as a respectable young woman. It seems as though the sky’s the limit and with the help of her previous employer, she should be well on her way to great things – things that will make her the kind of woman Roy would want to marry.

Roy LaCroix works at the hotel in town. He has a promising future and has always loved Sarah. He doesn’t care about her past and admires her zest for a better life but when she picks the biggest prude in town to help her become “respectable” he fears she may never be his.

Originality is refreshing and abounds in “Sarah Sunshine”, making it an absolute joy to read. Farmer’s development of colorful old west characters and, especially, unique scenes is as new and invigorating as a spring day. The steamy scenes are well-written and hold an element of tenderness in loving contrast to the life Sarah has finally left behind.

“Sarah Sunshine” also breaks the annoying unfinished feel that many novellas have. Thankfully, it’s a beautifully finished novella that doesn’t leave you wondering where the rest of it is. Thank ya kindly, Miss Farmer!”

And now, without further ado, here’s a taste of Sarah….

The chill that hung in the night air had far more to do with the frosty silence Roy had encountered from Sarah over the last two days than with the weather. Two long, grumpy days and all he had to show for it was a black eye and a blue heart. He shrugged off his shirt and shuffled toward the foot of his bed as he got ready for what would surely be another sleepless night.

The curtains hung open around his window, letting moonlight pour in. Outside the sky was crisp and starry. He could see a sliver of it over the roof of the saloon next door and skirted around the foot of his bed to get a closer look. He leaned against the windowsill, crossing his arms over the muscles of his bare chest. It was a pretty sky, but it was nothing to the light of Sarah’s smile. The stars couldn’t shine half as bright as Sarah’s eyes. He missed those eyes something fierce.

At least he missed them until his gaze traveled downward to a small window one floor up from his across the alley in the saloon.

Sarah leaned against the windowpane, chin propped in her hand, watching him with a faraway look. The moment she realized she’d been caught peeping, her eyes widened and her mouth opened in a silent gasp.

Roy grabbed his window and shoved it up.

“Sunshine, what are you doing?” he whispered as loud as he dared, sticking his head and shoulders out into the cold bite of the night.

She hesitated for a moment before sliding her own window open.

“Roy LaCroix, it’s too cold out here for you to go sticking your head and shoulders and … and….” She swallowed and nodded to his bare torso, his pants riding low on his hips and doing nothing to hide the line of dark hair that trailed below his waistband. Pink heat colored her cheeks.

Devilish though it made him, Roy leaned further out the window, giving her a better view. The icy air tightened his nipples, which was as like as not to help his cause.

“I heard of Peeping Tom’s before, but I’ve never seen a Peeping Thomasina,” he said.

Sarah squeaked in offense. She grabbed her windowsill and thrust her head out into the cold. Her nightgown rippled in the breeze, sending him peeks of rosy flesh beneath. The night was warming up fast.

“I was not peeping! I was just getting ready for bed and I happened to look out the window. You had the light on in there, so I could see you whenever you moved close. Well, bits of you at least. The nice bits.” Her gaze drifted once more to the flat plain of his abdomen and what was almost not hidden beneath. When she realized her mistake she gasped and snapped straight. “So there!”

As soon as she’d finished snapping, her face relaxed into a dreamy smile that made Roy as hot as August, even with the chill breeze blowing through the alley between the saloon and the hotel.
“I thought respectable women didn’t go spying out their bedroom windows on their attractive male neighbors,” he ribbed her.

“You are not that attractive,” she lied, poorly at that. “You’ve got a big bruise and a split lip.” She paused to suck in a breath. She slid to lean against the windowsill as she stared at his mouth. “And a cut on your jaw, and broad, strong shoulders and a fine, solid chest with just enough hair and your ni-”

She straightened so suddenly that Roy thought she’d fall out of her window.

“That’s not fair!”

“What’s not fair?” he replied.

She took a few shallow breaths before saying, “Looking all handsome and naked in the moonlight. You are not the man I thought you were, Mr. Roy LaCroix!”

“Sunshine, I’m just standing here. You’re the one looking.”

“Well I never!” She pouted, looking like she would have crossed her arms if she didn’t need them to brace herself as she leaned out the window. “Respectable women are above such things.”

“Don’t tell me you’re turning into Miss Jones already.” Roy teased her.

Sarah’s flustered composure stiffened into indignation. “At least at Miss Jones’s place I wouldn’t have impertinent men flirting with me in dark alleys because they think I’m still open for business.”

Fury boiled up through Roy’s gut. “Who was it? I’ll give them a piece of my mind.”

Sarah huffed. “It was you, Roy.”


“Yes, you. Hangin’ out your window half-naked, kissing me in the path-”

“You kissed me too.”

“-and fighting over me like I’m some two-bit piece of candy,” she continued, sadness poking through her ire.

Roy paused as her sadness hit him.

“You don’t really see it like that, do you?” He had the urge to leap through the window and carry Sarah off to somewhere they could be safe gripped him.

Sarah nodded and sank against her window ledge. “I was hoping folks would start to see me as something more than a whore. I thought you were starting to think….” She stopped and shook her head.

“Sunshine, people don’t think of you that way at all.” Roy comforted her. “I certainly don’t.”

…Okay, there was really no way to finish that one smoothly. You’ll just have to zip out and buy the novella to find out how my favorite scene ends! It’s only 99 cents. Buy links are here.

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