In Defense of Sexy Times

In lieu of a whole new blog post, today I bring you this golden oldie from my first year of blogging. The principles that I wrote about then are ones I still believe in now. So how about you? Do you like it hot and steamy or would you rather close the door on your hero and heroine when they get it on?

Merry Farmer

Earlier this week Sue Santore wrote a blog post about sex scenes in romance novels that I found super interesting.  She doesn’t like them.  If I’m understanding her post correctly, she believes that they interfere with the flow of the story and are too intimate, like an intrusion on the hero and heroine in their most private moments.  Please correct me if I’ve mistaken you, Sue!  I thought this post was wonderful and fascinating because my opinion about sex scenes is pretty much 180 degrees opposite of hers.  And it’s always interesting to me to hear the other side.  Especially since one of my other published author friends on Twitter made a similar statement, that not everyone likes sex in their novels.

Me?  I love a good sex scene.  A lot.  The juicier the better.  As long as it serves the plot.  Let me repeat that in bold: As long…

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