Pa sold Jack with the ponies, and other Laura Ingalls revelations: an interview with Wilder biographer Pamela Smith Hill

This is a fascinating look at the writing life of one of the great American women novelists and her life on the frontier. I just had to share!

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I’ve loved Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novels since I was a child, and last week, writer Pamela Smith Hill, author of Laura Ingalls Wilder: a Writer’s Life, stopped by the blog with a phone interview from her Portland, OR home. A Missouri native who grew up just a few miles away from Rocky Ridge Farm, Hill’s research and insights will fascinate Little House fans.

Here are highlights from our conversation about the surprising details of Wilder’s life, her little-known path to becoming a mythic American author, and the upcoming release of Wilder’s earliest non-fiction memoir, Pioneer Girl, which has never been published.  

Smashing that “New York” stereotype of writers

Pamela Smith Hill: It’s pretty clear that Laura is a fascinating character, and [the fact that] she went on to become a writer intrigued me almost more than anything else…I loved the fact that this woman was writing about her…

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