The How and Why of Author Newsletters

This is a really awesome blog about author newsletters! I’m reblogging it half because I think my author friends should see it, but half because I’m about to knuckle down and start my own author newsletter and I want to remember all of these tips!

Also, a question: Who here subscribes to author newsletters? What do you like about them? What drives you crazy?

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Steena Holmes

In my last post, I talked about Street Teams and using my newsletter to connect with my readers. It raised a few questions about newsletters to which I replied “but that’s another blog.” The ladies at WITS took me up on that. So today we’re going to talk about …


Some authors groan at the thought while others smile. But when used correctly, a newsletter can be your new best best friend.

Why? Because it’s your number one method of communication with readers.

What can you use your newsletter for?

  • Announce the release of your latest book
  • Promote when you have a special deal on your book
  • Get word out about a special contest
  • Boast about a great review or that sparkly new award you won
  • Tease your readers about your latest project

However – and this is a biggie – your newsletter isn’t just a…

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