What Would You Build?

Oh my gosh, what an awesome question! I think I’m going to build a great big camouflaged wall around a self-sufficient village. That way we can all carry on inside of the wall without being seen or detected by anyone else while everyone out there in post-apocalypse-land does whatever crazy things they’re going to do.

How about you?

Alica McKenna Johnson

Yes, it is once again time to ponder the apocalypse. And today’s question is What Would You Build? Pretending that you have the resources, what would you like to build before the end times come?

A castle surrounded by a moat? And not just any castle but one that could withstand a siege. One with a blacksmith, and livestock, and gardens. One with secret passages and hidden rooms. One where the moat is filled with piranhas or crocodiles or some mutant, bad-tempered sea bass.

Maybe you are more of a missile silo type person. Something where only one story is above ground, and three two-foot-thick locking steel doors separate the vulnerable top floor from the bottom ten floors. Inside you have fully furnished rooms, a greenhouse, not sure about livestock—that will depend on the ventilation—but maybe some chickens. Rooms dedicated to all sorts of activities. Really, the point is you…

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3 thoughts on “What Would You Build?

  1. Oh man, this is scary, not the concept but the fact that a few minutes before checking my emails and coming across this, I was thinking about a post related to World War Z and what sort of safe place I would build to keep the monsters. Time to think and write!

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