2013 Book #17 – Lady Bess, by Claudy Conn – PLUS an interview with the author!

I’ve just finished 2013 book #17 – Lady Bess, by Claudy Conn, and it dawned on me… What better way to herald a book than by interviewing its author? Claudy was incredibly gracious when I contacted her. She really won me over. Here’s a little bit of what we talked about….


What are some of the major differences between writing paranormal romance and historical romance?

Research for one. Historical takes so much research, the events, the culture, the language of the time and the country the story takes place in. Paranormal, fantasy, well that has a life of its own, a history of its own and those things take place in my mind. I did of course do quite a bit of research on the legend of the Fae, and Druids.

Which did you begin writing first and what made you decide to switch between the two?

Claudy ConnI wrote historical for Random House/Ballantine/Fawcett and after more than 40 books got tired of the genre and took a break. When I came back to the business it was with paranormal/fantasy on my mind.

How did your writing career begin and what process did you go through to be published?

I loved Georgette Heyer and read everything she wrote over and over. I needed more, so I created a regency story in my mind and then set it to paper with my first title, Spring Gambit. I was very lucky, my agent loved it and it sold almost immediately to Fawcett.

Do you have the rights to those previously published books and will you be ePublishing them soon?

Yes I have the rights, and yes, I have been slowly rewriting, sexing up my early regency books and releasing them.

What are some of the big changes you’ve seen in publishing in your years in the business? What do you think the future holds?

Afterthestorm200x300Ebooks. This is a growing world and I only see it getting larger, doubling in the next few years at the very least as new readers discover the relatively inexpensive world of ebooks.

Titles get a new shelf life in this new world. However, a problem does exist. The industry is such that it is not easy to get the word out. Readers have to come on line to shop, and so many choices await them. Very different than going to a store where a paperback jumps out at you. So an author has to be vigilant in marketing herself/himself and her/his work.

I think paperbacks and hardcover books will always be around, but, ebooks are here to stay.

What was your inspiration for Lady Bess?

Here is the thing. So many people think that because a story takes place in the 1800’s it has to fit a mold. I don’t care for molds because none of us are robots and neither were the women of those times. Regency was not Victorian, it was a heady time for art, poetry, new novels, and life was not so staid as some might imagine.

Rule breakers have always existed, so most of my heroines are rule breakers, hence, Lady Bess, and when you break rules, there are consequences, LOL.

What can you tell my readers about Lady Bess to convince them to read it?

I think we can all relate to Lady Bess. She is good hearted, a bit spoiled, wild to a fault and ready to go for what she wants.

Our hero is a hot Scotsman and together, sparks don’t just fly, they make a whirlwind of super-charged energy.

Take a look at the blurb, look inside the book and read for a bit. Be ready for a little steam, fun, and frolic. If you are looking for that, you will find it in Lady Bess.

What’s next for you?

Free FallingAlready working on an occult/historical where my heroine is a white witch thrown into the past. It is called Lady X and will be out in August.

Thanks so much, Claudy! I can’t wait to read more! If you’d like to check out Lady Bess or any of Claudy Conn’s other novels, here are some links to get you started:

Lady Bess: http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Bess-ebook/dp/B00CK98XXK/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368784909&sr=1-1&keywords=Lady+Bess

Shadowlove-Stalkers: http://www.amazon.com/SHADOWLOVE-STALKERS-Shadow-vampire-series-ebook/dp/B0053DLC74/ref=sr_1_1_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1371210813&sr=1-1&keywords=shadowlove-stalkers

Netherby Halls: http://www.amazon.com/Netherby-Halls-ebook/dp/B00AXOSSV6/ref=pd_sim_b_6

And here’s a video for Netherby Halls: http://youtu.be/6EiUFFp4Tmk

After the Storm: http://www.amazon.com/Oh-Cherry-Ripe-ebook/dp/B007CIMWZO/ref=pd_sim_kstore_2

Hungry Moon-Quicksilver: http://www.amazon.com/Hungry-Moon-Quicksilver-ebook/dp/B00AB3KWEU/ref=pd_sim_kstore_13

Also, be sure to visit Claudy’s website:  http://claudyconn.embarqspace.com/


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  1. Great interview! I look forward to reading more of your books. I read Runaway Heart and enjoyed it.

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