A History of Mayonnaise

Since I was away at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference this past weekend, I didn’t have a chance to write a new history blog post. But rather than leaving you high and dry, I thought I’d recycle one of my favorite history blog posts from the last few years. Ah, mayonnaise! It’s mayonnaise-based salad season! Woo hoo!

Merry Farmer

Mayonnaise!  Condiment of Genius!  You are the base for my favorite summer salads, the lubrication in my sandwiches, and the delicious topping on my fries!  Some may hate you, may wrinkle up their nose in disgust at your whipped ingredients, but oh how I love you!  Ketchup cannot hold a candle to you.  Mustard need not apply.  It’s you, Mayonnaise, you all the way!

So yes, I have a thing for mayo.  I always have.  But I’ve always been a little curious.  How was this delicious and dangerous treat invented?  Who came up with the idea of whipping eggs and oil together to make a creamy, dreamy, all-purpose treat?  I want to shake their hand.  But where would I have to go to do that?

Here’s the answer.

There are many theories of how mayonnaise came about.  One theory is that it was invented in Spain in the town of…

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