Writing Regency

Interesting! I stumbled across this blog post while researching something today. It was written almost 5 years ago, but it contains a lot of the same points that I was attempting to get at in my post “What Is Historical Accuracy?” on the Seduced by History blog. Thanks, Maddie MacKeever, for hitting the nail on the head of what I was going for 5 years ago!

Maggie MacKeever's Blog

Writing historical romances is one thing; writing Regency romances quite another. Someone – unfortunately, I don’t remember who – once referred to Regency England as ‘the era that never was’.

The time period existed, certainly (strictly speaking, the Regency lasted from 1811 to 1820, but Regencies are frequently set as early as 1800); as well as the historical events we write about, like Prinny’s excesses and the Peninsular War; but the Regency England depicted in today’s romances is far from a slice of past reality. It is a fantasy world created by Georgette Heyer (ok, by way of Jane Austen) and then embellished by everyone who’s written about it since.

In the tradition of both Heyer and Austin, Regency romances tend to have an ironic tone.

Sure, there are people who write Regency romances that aren’t amusing. In my opinion, they’ve pretty much missed the point. You want tragedy? Go…

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