Dealing with Critiques and Reviews – the 40-20-40 Rule

Some excellent advice on dealing with critiques and reviews from a fabulous author who I have trusted to critique my own work, Angela Quarles. Keep your eyes on her, folks! She’s coming to a bestseller list near you!

Angela Quarles | Geek girl romance writer

One of my earliest blog posts was about dealing with critiques and I shared what I called the 30-40-30 rule that I learned from my uncle. Well I just had a short vacation with said uncle and found out I had the percentage wrong! He said it’s 40-20-40! So here’s my old post, revised a tad with that calculation.

As a writer, at some point you will reach the stage where you will need to have others critique your work. There are many reasons to do so that others have covered before, but as a former computer programmer, one way I like to look at it is: you cannot test your own code. You think you’ve written the program to do exactly what you want, you test it and hand it off to the Beta tester. And they find mistakes. The reason is because they didn’t build it and so…

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