An Interview with Future Regency Romance Star, Ella Quinn

I am so pleased today to introduce you to a woman who is not only about to become a Regency Romance star, she is a wonderful person who has offered me help and friendship, Ella Quinn.  Ella’s first nove, The Seduction of Lady Phoebe, will be released in September, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon right now.

So Ella, tell us a bit about yourself and what you write.

Ella QuinnHi Merry. Thank you for having me on your blog. I had several lives before I became a writer. I played in a rock band, tended bar, was in the army, twice, taught university and practiced law. A little less than two years ago, I started writing Regencies

Do you feel as though you chose the historical romance genre or did it choose you?  It definitely chose me. I had a video playing in my head of a lady in Regency dress, furiously pacing. Part of that scene is still in The Seduction of Lady Phoebe.

What are you working on right now?  I’m working on the 5th book of The Marriage Game series. It’s set in the Virgin Islands where I live, but the research has been much more difficult because so many documents were lost due to fire and hurricanes. So this book has been slow going.

You’ve lived all over the world. How did that end up happening?  When I was a child, we lived in several different states, then traveled with my maternal grandfather to North Africa and Spain. I actually had my 9th birthday in Rabat, Morocco, and lived in Palma de Mallorca. Later we lived in Canada. By the time I was an adult I had a severe case of wanderlust and joined the Army.

What is it about the Caribbean that makes you call it home?  It’s the first place I’ve ever lived where I didn’t really want to leave after about a year. Though I’d still like to get on a boat and sail round a bit.

Where else in the world do you think you would settle down if you had a chance?  Europe. Probably the south of France.

What has been the highlight of your journey towards publication?  It’s all been pretty exciting. Before I saw The Seduction of Lady Phoebe on the Amazon site, I would have said getting the offer, but having my first book on pre-order trumps that.

What do you wish readers knew about the writing process?  I’m not sure they need to know a lot about it. It’s like making a movie, you’re successful if you take the reader into a world or on a journey they enjoy. That’s all that matters to a reader.

What do you wish your fellow writers knew about the journey to publication?  If you’re serious about being published, treat it as a business, not a hobby. I started writing at the end of April 2011 and had an agent eight months later. Keep writing. Don’t stop to query your first book. Learn your craft, trust your instincts, and find your voice.

What words of inspiration have been important in your life?  Wish in one hand and spit in the other. See which one gets full faster. The other, which is extremely germane to the publishing world is if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Publishing is a very small world and agents and editors have the longest memories I’ve ever heard of.

The Seduction of Lad_C46729THE SEDUCTION OF LADY PHOEBE ~ Releases September, 19, 2013

LADY PHOEBE STANHOPE, famous for her quick wits, fast horses, and punishing right hook, is afraid of nothing but falling in love. Fleeing a matchmaking attempt with the only man she despises, Phoebe meets a handsome blue-eyed stranger who sends her senses skittering. By the time Phoebe discovers the seductive stranger is the same arrogant troll she sent packing eight years ago, she is halfway to falling in love with him.

LORD MARCUS FINLEY last saw Phoebe striding regally away, as he lay on the floor with a bruised jaw and a rapidly swelling eye. Recently returned from the West Indies, Marcus is determined to earn Phoebe’s love, preferably before she discovers who he is. Determined to have Phoebe for his own, Marcus begins his campaign to gain her forgiveness and seduce her into marriage.
Can Phoebe learn to trust her own heart and Marcus? Or is she destined to remain alone?

~Lady Phoebe is a heroine Georgette Heyer would adore–plucky, pretty, and well worth the devotion of the dashing Lord Marcus. A marvelous find for Regency romance readers.~
~ Grace Burrowes ~
Ella Quinn’s The Seduction of Lady Phoebe is a passionate tale full of humor, romance, and poignancy. Quinn writes classic Regency romance at its best!”
~Shana Galen~

Here is a little taste of what you have to look forward to….
Eight years later. June 1814, Newhaven, Sussex, England

Guy, the Seventh Marquis of Dunwood, watched as the American-made schooner approached the dock. A tall, tanned, young man in his late twenties stood at the bow, a line in hand ready to throw to one of the dock hands on the pier. He looked more like a seaman than a well-born gentleman.

His youngest son. The one, Guy thought ruefully, he hadn’t recognized two years ago, when Marcus had come to visit.

The line sailed through the air and looped perfectly around a piling. After tying it off, Marcus walked back and addressed the captain before disappearing from sight.

Not more than a half an hour later, Dunwood greeted his son. “Welcome home. You could have returned earlier.”

The good humor drained from Marcus’s eyes. “Not and have made provisions for Lovet’s family. They were left in bad straits when he died.”

Dunwood would never understand the reason this son saw the need to care for those who were not his dependents. Apparently the West Indies had more of an impact on him than Dunwood thought it would. Well, what Marcus did with his private fortune was no bread and butter of Dunwood’s. Rather than argue, he asked, “How is the new steward doing?”

His son’s broad shoulders relaxed. “Well indeed. He used to work for the Spencer-Jones family, but when their third oldest son married, the property my new steward was managing went to the son. The man came highly recommended. I made the offer before anyone else could beat me to it.”

“Good. I’m glad you were able to find someone.” Dunwood started toward the two large coaches near an inn. “Where are your trunks?”

“I’ve only one. Covey, my man, will see it stowed,” Marcus said. “How are Arthur and the girls faring?”

“Your brother is doing as well as can be expected, as are his daughters.”

Marcus glanced around to see Covey wave to him. The last time he’d visited his brother, Arthur was hale and hearty. Now he was dying of consumption. His wife had passed a few years ago leaving him two daughters, but no heir.

As a result, Marcus had been recalled from banishment. He wondered how difficult it was going to be, after all the years of being his own master, to live with his father and be under Dunwood’s rule.

Glancing around the small town, Marcus felt as if he were in a foreign country, but he’d been gone long enough. He looked at his ship, the Lady Phoebe, tied up at the dock. Perhaps too long.

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Ella Quinn lived all over the United States, the Pacific, Canada, England and Europe before finally discovering the Caribbean. She lives in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with her wonderful husband, three bossy cats and a loveable great dane. Ella loves when friends connect with her

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  1. Oh look, he named his ship after Lady Phoebe. Ella, you are amazing. I’m already vested in your book and you’ve barely begun your tour. And I can’t read it until September. That is cruel. You can’t dangle something so well written, with such a delightful plot and tell me to wait until September. Oh the inhumanity!

    Well, I’ll have no choice but to read your daily tour stops to get further glimpses of this fabulous story.

  2. HI Ella great interview and I have the book preordered can’t wait to read it. I shared on Twitter and Facebook. Congratulations on the book and good luck. Hugs, Kathy

  3. Thank you so much to everyone who visited today and who commented. It’s supporters like you that keep writers like us writing. Your encouragement means everything! =D

  4. What a great interview with tremendous advice for aspiring (aka struggling to be published) writers…I’m so very impressed and in awe of the fact that you started writing in April ’11 and had an agent not even 8 months later. I cannot wait to download your work onto my iPad!

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