Hot Guys!

You know what they say. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And that couldn’t be more true than when it comes to what attracts us in the opposite sex. What one of us sees as a super-hot guy, another will turn her nose up at and say “Eew.” I’m pretty sure that guys have similar reactions to girls. But let’s face it, ladies. We like looking at them just as much as they like looking at us, and we’re just as picky.

However, as a Romance writer, I have a responsibility to my readers to make sure I provide a full spectrum of yum. I love looking at the covers of Romance novels, in all their silly, sexy glory, and I’m continually tickled over what other women think is hot.

Take Bachelor Number One, for example:

Bachelor Number One© Olga Sapegina |

Bachelor Number One
© Olga Sapegina |

Hot, eh? Nice chest, wicked little glint in his eyes? Think he’s got what it takes?

*shrugs* He’s okay. Not really my type. He’s a little too young for my tastes and he looks like he might be mean to me.

What about Bachelor Number Two:

Bachelor Number Two© Nicku |

Bachelor Number Two
© Nicku |

Does he get your blood pumping? Want to take him out and see what he can do? Love the bad-boy look?

Me? Eew. No. Not at all. SO not my type. He probably owns a truck or a motorcycle. Yeck! You can keep him!

Alright then, what about Bachelor Number Three:

Bachelor Number Three© Get4net |

Bachelor Number Three
© Get4net |

Now we’re talking! Smooth, suave, sophisticated. Wearing a suit and a smile, just the way I like them! This guy is totally my type. He looks like he could have a good time and talk about art or academia at the same time. And who knows what other “talents” he has.

But you might think he’s as boring as paint. Maybe you think he’s uptight or that he could have douchey tendencies. To each his own.

How about something completely different, like Bachelor Number Four:

Bachelor Number Four© Aleksandra Alekseeva |

Bachelor Number Four
© Aleksandra Alekseeva |

Ah! Now there’s a guy who looks like he could have fun AND build a geodesic dome! Maybe he plays the guitar or dreams of helping children in Africa. Maybe he’s your type.

I could probably be friends with this guy, but I wouldn’t date him. I cringe at dreads (sorry Alaina!). But he could be the man of your dreams.

See, that’s the thing about types. We all have a different one. I feel like the Romance world is packed full of Bachelors Number One and Two. Occasionally you find Bachelor Number Three in there. But has anyone ever read a Romance with Bachelor Number Four? Maybe there should be more of them out there. Number Four is definitely someone’s type somewhere. Ah, but does that woman read Romance? Would a book with good old Number Four as the hero sell? I dunno.

So what do you think? Which bachelor above is the biggest eye-candy for you? Who would you love your Romance novel hero to look like?


5 thoughts on “Hot Guys!

  1. Straight up #2. probably because I own a truck, can ride a motorcycle and “the bad boy” can talk engines with me LOL Now, if you mix #2 & #3…purrrr! Do love a bad boy in a suit…*fannin’ self* Married one ten years ago. 😀

  2. Funny shout-out – but if these four are my only choices, count me out. Couldn’t we have had at least one non-Caucasian?? Come on Merry, I know you love Indian dudes.

    • D’oh! I completely forgot to include my reasoning for picking only Caucasian guys in the blog post. And I DID have a specific reason. I wanted people to look at types, not races. I picked the photos specifically to have the guys look almost the same in terms of physical features, but to have their style of dress, hairstyle, “aura”, and general presentation be what they were being judged on. Trying to level the playing field so that fewer subconscious factors would play a role in the decision. Because you’re right, I reeeeaaaallly like Indian guys! 😉

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