Why I Love Russell Crowe

Something happened to me on Christmas.  As I sat in the movie theater watching Les Miserable I thought to myself, “Ah!  This is great!  And I’d forgotten how much I like Russell Crowe!”  And then in the ensuing weeks I started rewatching the best of Russell Crowe’s movies.  I thought to myself, “Man, I really love Russell Crowe!”  But when coworkers and other people started completely and utterly dissing his singing in Les Miz and bringing up his past misbehavior, well, the gloves came off.

I love Russell Crowe, dammit, and I will defend him to the death!

© Sbukley | Dreamstime.com

© Sbukley | Dreamstime.com

Okay, but why (I asked myself) do I love Russell Crowe so much?  He’s absolutely not my type.

When it comes to Hollywood boyfriends I almost always go for the tall, dark, and British types.  Richard Armitage?  Yes.  Jack Davenport?  OH YES.  I’ll even take Daniel Radcliffe in a pinch.  As for the non-British sorts who tickle my fancy, I’ll take Shah Rukh Khan or Michael Emerson, if you please.  (and yes, I do have a major thing for creepy Ben Linus, thank you very much!)

Russell Crowe is not my type.  He’s ‘round about average height, he’s muscly, which isn’t really my thing, and he’s got a tough guy/bad guy reputation.  But I love him.  So how did this happen?

The very first movie I ever saw Russell Crowe in was the deliciously awful Virtuosity, in which he played a computer generated bad guy come to life.  Was it his piercing eyes?  Was it his teasing smile?  Was it the full backal nudity and his shapely assets?  The world may never know.  There was just something about him.  I followed up Virtuosity with another cinematic winner, The Quick and the Dead.  Again, another camp-tastic romp filled with soulful looks and rotten dialog.  I thought to myself, “Who is this awesome Australian and where can I get more of him?”

This was 1995, mind you, and these were the first American movies Russell had made.  Based on those two films alone there was no way to know whether he would make it big or whether I would once again have an obscure, little-known actor to gush over and make people say “who?”  I searched out and watched a bunch of his Australian films, gems like Romper Stomper (I just like to say that title), Proof (also starring Hugo Weaving, and they were both awesome), The Sum of Us (yes, Russell Crowe has played a gay character, and done it well), For the Moment (fair dinkum), and my personal favorite, Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies (which now has a shortened title for some reason).

And then came L.A. Confidential.  So not my type of movie.  But I dragged myself to watch it anyhow.  And it was just okay, as far as I was concerned.  As far as everyone else was concerned, it was awesome.  Suddenly there was buzz around my stocky Australian Hollywood boyfriend.  That buzz got a whole lot louder after The Insider.

gladiatorWell, then it just exploded when Gladiator came out in 2000.  Gladiator is still one of my top 10 favorite movies.  But Russell didn’t stop there.  I mean, A Beautiful MindMaster and CommanderCinderella Man?  Need I say more?  Five years after I stared at Russell Crowe’s naked backside on a big screen and thought, “Mmm, I like this man!”, the rest of the world caught on to the fact that he was awesome.

But when you are recognized and celebrated you also become a target.  The whispers and rumors started to pour in.  “Russell Crowe has a bad temper”.  He threw a cell phone at a hotel worker.  He roughed up a producer at an awards show.  “Russell Crowe is difficult to work with and tries to rewrite everyone’s scripts”.  He’s a bully and a thug.  And then, “Russell Crowe got married and had kids and it’s really chilled him out”.  Which has recently turned into, “Russell Crowe and his wife are separated”.  Ah, the price of a life lived in the spotlight!

Here’s the thing about those rumors.  The world treats celebrities terribly.  If I told you some of the stories of things that have happened to my cousins, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, you would be appalled.  Whether you think that celebrities deserve it as the price they pay for fame or whether you think the mob treats them unfairly doesn’t matter.  It is a universal truth that when a celebrity stands up for themselves, the big guns come out.

Actually, forget Russell Crowe, I love the coat!© Featureflash | Dreamstime.com

Actually, forget Russell Crowe, I love the coat!
© Featureflash | Dreamstime.com

From what I have observed in the course of my nearly 20 year obsession, Russell Crowe’s biggest problem is that he’s smart and he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.  I honestly believe the man is incredibly intelligent, but celebrity is so much easier to navigate when you’re dumb as a rock and shallow as a looking-glass.  When you’re smart enough to see the bullshit and strong enough to fight back against it, you’re setting yourself up for a PR nightmare.  I’m convinced that that’s Russell Crowe’s biggest problem.  And I’m equally convinced that when he does something like sing in Les Miz, the critics go in ready to savage him for who he is, not how he sings.

It’s also why I love him.  Because I feel like I know what it’s like to be aware of the crap of the world and to feel compelled to fight against it instead of taking a passive, non-confrontational stance.  It gets you in trouble.  But it also enables you to believe in yourself in your own darkest hours.  And everyone has dark hours, even celebrities.

I have an Australian friend who has met Russell Crowe (or maybe it was her husband) and she reports that he is astoundingly nice and far more grounded than you would think.  I believe it!  If you look beyond the sensational headlines about the man you will see small stories about amazing philanthropic efforts he has made … along with his statement that celebrities shouldn’t necessarily boast and invite camera flashes when they help people out.  There seem to be a lot of people out there quietly saying that people have no idea how much good he’s done for the people and places that are important to him.

But for me the kicker in my adoration of Russell Crowe comes from a statement he made just a few weeks ago after wrapping up a film he was shooting in New York.  He’d been separated from his wife for a few months, shooting and promoting films back-to-back-to-back, and it (probably along with other things) destroyed his marriage.  A reporter asked him what he was going to do next, and he answered, “I just want to go home to Australia and patch things up with my wife” (or something to that effect).

Yep, I love Russell Crowe because he’s just a normal guy with a difficult, high-profile job.  He’s a jerk sometimes, he’s an angel sometimes.  He’s made mistakes and he’s gotten some things very right.  And I will stand by my man through thick and thin and fight anyone who tries to tell me he can’t sing.  He can!  And boy can he act!

crowe apple

P.S.  I’d just like to thank all of the Russell Crowe fans who came out to read and comment on my blog today.  You all are such a great bunch of positive people!  It warms my heart to see so many people wishing well in the world.  =D


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  1. OMG, this is the post for me!! I ADORE Russell. I will watch him in anything. Gladiator is hands down the best all time movie ever made. EVER. Funny, as I do like him for his looks and bad boy ways. But mostly he is a brilliant actor who brings out the deepest emotions in me. I wrote a post on him too last year on “loving the bad ass” http://blog.donnagalanti.com/wp/love-the-bad-ass-guys-who-inspire-characters/.
    So thank you for this lovely, long post on my favorite actor! And your cousins are the Gyllenhaal’s? How cool is that!

    • *high fives* Great minds think alike, eh? Although there’s a big part of me that wonders if RC’s badass image is just that, an image.

      And yep, Jake and Maggie are my second cousins. Granted, I’ve met Jake all of once and Maggie never, but their dad (Stephen) is routinely at our family house any time he comes home. He’s one of the most interesting and engaging people I know!

  2. Thank you for expressing exactly how i feel about the man. I’ve been a fan for years, and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  3. Thank you, you have just repeated everything I have been telling my friends and family for years. They just don’t get it, BUT YOU DO!

    • Thanks Cathi! There are way too many people out there in the world who don’t even try to stop to “get” the people closest to them, let alone celebrities.

  4. Yup, those who buy the hype and never recognize the man with a soul are not worth listening to! I traveled the same journey as you did and have endured the same slings and arrows from friends and family – being a Crowe fan is not for the faint of heart! Keep the faith girlfriend – when Anne Hathaway said Russell was “the heart” of the Les Miz production, she said what we fans all know, the guy is the best!

    • Hmm, I hadn’t heard about Anne Hathaway saying that. But I believe it. (I’ve been trying to avoid the Les Miz press because so much of it is so unfairly bad)

  5. After seeing Russell in The Quick and the Dead, I remember thinking – I’ve got to remember his name – ooh la la! And then I saw Gladiator and I remembered his name from TQATD and knew Hollywood had a champion, cuz this guy can ACT!! And I did the same thing you did – watched all the movies I could get my hands on. I thought he was great in Virtuosity – loved his character. All my friends think I’m nuts to stick by Russell, but that’s nothing new, cuz I tend to follow my gut more than follow others anyway.

    The plain truth is Russell can act and has a beautiful voice! That’s what I love about him and I’m sticking by him, through thick & thin!

    The media latches onto anything negative about anybody, and I don’t have any relatives in show biz to figure that out. Anything to make a buck – its been this way for a long time – we are flooded with this crap now because of internet, social media, and TV shows.

    Russell needs to stop paying attention to it – just like the rest of us – and stop reacting to it, however hard it may be, cuz he’s giving the media more ammo to beat up on him.

    Thank you for allowing a place for me to set all the a**holes straight!

    Russell rocks!!

    Darcy S.

    • You know, you bring up a great point, Darcy. I have often wondered if the reason why the media picks on RC so much is because they know he can take it. I get the sense that he doesn’t let all of the crap get to him, otherwise he wouldn’t stay in the business. I mean, last summer I had a perfectly awful, negative, abusive review of one of my books and it laid me flat for weeks. That was one book and one review and I know how it made me feel. RC gets so much more flack than I ever could and yet you still see him smile. So more power to him!

      I’m just surprised I’ve only used him as a template for a hero in one of my novels once for a book I only got a third of the way into. I’ve gotta finish that one!

      • I’ve seen Russell reply to a few articles, although its been less than a few years back. Except for his recent tweet reply to Adam whats-his-name.

        I’m sure its easier said than done – even for me at my job. But I’m not in the public eye – except for these posts. 🙂


  6. I think I’ve beaten you, Merry. I’ve been following Russell’s career since 1987! Sad but true, I saw him in Neighbours and decided that he was better than that lol. I did actually see his first screen appearance when he was six, but as I’m older than him I was busy perving over a young Jack Thompson. In my opinion, Russell is the greatest living ACTOR (as opposed to film star). He has never given a bad performance even if the film he was in wasn’t as good as it might be. He will get work for as long as he wants because he’s always been a character actor inside a leading man’s body, so age will never work against him as it surely will for the young ‘pretty boy’ actors.

    • You do have me beat, Bejay! And of course I agree with you. In fact, I had to giggle over a review I recently read of The Man with Iron Fists that said something to the effect that RC hadn’t gotten the memo that acting wasn’t allowed in that movie. Sort of proves the point. And I personally look forward to seeing those character parts RC is playing when he’s old and grey.

  7. Excellent, blog, Merry! Excellent points and very well written!

    I’ve been a fan of Russell Crowe’s since 1995, I just didn’t know it yet. When I saw him in The Quick and the Dead, I said, “Whoa, who’s the guy with the hair? He’s good!” I saw many other of his films as well, Romper Stomper, LA Confidential, but then Gladiator hit and suddenly it was all “Russell Crowe is the man.” I went back to my video collection and only then realized, Cort, Bud White, Hando, and Maximus are all the same actor! OMG! I think the fact that he’s been such a chameleon in his roles and actually “creates his characters down to the cellular level” as Diane Sawyer so beautifully put it, totally tricked me into thinking they were actually different men. Now that’s an actor. Tom Cruise is good, but he’s always Tom Cruise, isn’t he?

    And that’s the kind of talent that makes people jealous, so they tear him down him whenever the chance arises. Its really too bad. But you know what I say? Go ahead and be a hater, more Russ for us! 🙂

    I have met him in person as well, and he was sweet as pie. I actually watched him explain so patiently to an old lady how to download his band’s songs to iTunes. Need an Oscar winner in a period piece? Call Russell Crowe. Need tech support for your grandma? Call Russell Crowe. He can do it all.

    Very nice to meet another fan! Thanks!

    • Thanks! I hear what you’re saying about the whole jealousy thing. I think it’s a more complex emotion than that. Once upon a time I had a voice teacher who worked with professional actors. She made the point that celebrities have a certain magic about them that people are attracted to. It’s luminescent. But some people who utterly lack magic in their life see it as a threat and seek to destroy it out of fear. It’s their own inadequacy that causes them to lash out. But a true star will shine on!

      • I agree about his ‘presence’. Anyone who has been lucky enough to be in the same room as him will know that the air changes just before he walks in. It’s like a Russell tsunami hitting your senses.

  8. Exactly there is just something about Russell. It was Quick and the Dead for me. Followed by a hilarious interview on a late night talk show that sealed it. Traveling down to Austin for all of his concerts, I like to tell people I was in a movie he directed … granted its me in the crowd in Texas. Hey a girl can dream.

    • I wasn’t able to get over to Austin, so my film experience (though the promised DVD never saw the light of day) was in Chicago in 2003. I was also in the filming for the South Sydney Drum Squad when they were first formed…oh yes, I can see my back in most of the shots that were shown on the Footy Show. Just lucky to have been in Sydney at the right moment lol.

    • Hey, I was in the crowd of 2 concerts in Austin too. We’re on the music CD too – Other Ways of Speaking, Folsom Prison tune for an encore. 🙂


  9. Amen! Well roared, lion!
    That’s exactly what I think. I’ve been a fan for years now and I think I will stay a fan for all those years to come.

    Greetings from Germany

    I just wish he would come over to Germany for some concerts 😉

  10. Kudos to Merry Farmer. I have never read a more heartfelt, truthful column about Russell Crowe. It makes my heart glow and the comments from his fans cover it all. We love Russell Crowe and I personally have cringed at the ridiculous charges leveled against him during his career.
    Somehow it’s been difficult for some to come to grips with the fact that this man is an ACTOR…not a movie star. This man has STANDARDS and is a gentleman. This man is not perfect….but he is PERFECT.
    I own every single one of his movies. I have seen he and his band perform many times. I am a grateful FAN.

    • Ah, thanks Lorraine! I’m blushing. And I absolutely agree with you. There’s a difference between a celebrity and an ACTOR. RC definitely has the goods. 😉

  11. You girls said it all and this 73 year old fan is a lover and follower of Russell’s from way back. I have seen Les Mis 3 times and think he did a marvelous job. What other actor would praise his co workers as he does. WE LOVE AND ADMIRE YOU RUSSELL FANS TO THE END.

    • Hi Peg. It was released today here in the UK. Tomorrow nights is fully booked and Sunday night is getting full, so I’m off to see the 1:00pm showing while everyone else is at home having their Sunday lunch. I can’t wait!!

  12. Wow! Ms. Farmer’s column and everybody’s comments express exactly how I feel about this remarkable, extraordinary, hugely talented man. Have loved Russell from the moment I first saw him, which, as with a few other posters, was in the campy, so-bad-it’s-good Virtuosity. What a turn-on! Russell is MY MAN forever!

  13. I came to Russell Crowe love a bit later than some of the others here (I’m 26), but once I had it, it didn’t let go. I’d never been a fan-girl type, but something about Russell just bowled me right over. Since then, I’ve been to 3 of his shows in Vancouver and New York. Love his singing and his song lyrics, as well as the acting. He’s the best, no matter how you slice it.

    • If you’re a newer fan, Eileen, be sure to check out some of his earlier Australian films. In a way I think they show a broader range than the Hollywood ones. 🙂

      • Thanks. I’ve watched “The Sum Of Us” and “Romper Stomper” so far and I’m working on the others. Gotta say, though, I think my favorite performance for me, will always be Ben Wade in “3:10 To Yuma”. It blows me away!

  14. Well, I guess my secret is out. And said better in the blog and the comments above than I can say. I’m glad he’s got such articulate supporters and I agree with the reasons. I read the transcript of his interview with the “journalilst” who was stating that his accent was Irish in “Robin Hood” (one of my favorites of his work, and apparently one of his), for which he got the usual negative reaction. The “journalist” was a twerp, and Crowe, after attempting to answer him reasonably, simply got up and left. Not anything like the comments in the press about it. My response is that the question asker (obviously NOT a journalist) can’t do what Mr. Crowe can do and wants to pull an artist down to his level. Aaarrrrgggghhh. Mr. Crowe is the heart and soul of Les Mis. He’s the first one who got (with his usual subtlety) the character of Javert. My nomination for best performance goes to him and while the Gail Awards haven’t quite gotten the press of, say, the Oscars, they’re not negligable to me.

    • *ggls* The Gail Awards. I love it!

      There are a lot of journalists who are twerps these days. It’s like the entire profession has switched from the desire to bring news and human interest stories to people to the need to kick up dirt and “get” celebrities. Bad behavior sells stories, so they try to provoke it. Bleh! But I am glad to see that there are so many people in the world who see through it and recognize true talent and a good soul when they see it.

      • An extremely fine soul. The Gail Awards always take that into consideration. I’m an actress (not an actor) and I know, in very small part, what he does and how he does it. Genius is not a word I use often, but he has it. One critic or writer or whatnot said that Mr. Crowe was a victim of the “petrification of the image”. I truly believe that, and his gracious demeanor now lets met know how he deals with it. I admire him with all my heart, soul and mind.

  15. All the fine ladies above have said it all already. All I will add is – DAYUM, Girl, You’ve got GREAT taste !

  16. He is my favorite actor and has been ever since I saw him in The Insider. No one comes close to him, with the possible exception of DDL. I’ve always thought that, underneath that sometimes gruff exterior, beats the heart of a poet and humanitarian. Glad to know I was right. Russell doesn’t play the Hollywood game and, for that, he’ll always be considered an outsider and punished by the powers-that-be in H-wood. But he stays true to his ideals, which says a lot about him. Never sold out and left Australia to live in LA – good for him. Would be a terrible place to raise 2 boys. Keep on, keepin’ on, RC. You have more talent in your little finger than most of the rest of them do in their entire bodies.

  17. it’s funny that you mention this. I’ve seen almost every movie that Russell Crowe has ever been in and while I find that he is a phenomenal after he has never -other than in Master and Commander – affected me quite as strongly as he did as inspectors ever in the new les miserables.

    I completely agree with what you’re saying. I believe that he is a man, flawed like everyone else, strongly intelligent, fiercely loyal, and incredibly talented. I don’t blame him for the outburst of anger or even throwing a cellphone at a hotel worker. I am certainly nobody special but I have been told, after, and said to the most inappropriate things by people who were supposed to be in the service field. If I, as nobody, am being treated appallingly with a high stress job and high stress philanthopic work that I do -I can only imagine what is said to somebody who is well known, and somebody that everybody seems to want to get a piece of.

    perhaps his intelligence is what getting in trouble. Perhaps it’s because everybody has a breaking point. Perhaps that is something that those of us who watch those of them who are in the spotlight forget. What I do know is after watching him as the Javert in Les Miserables, I wanted to learn more about his singing style. I personally love his singing. I found that I like the songs of his that were relatable. I found that I like the songs of his that were dance pole. But his 1 song ray when touched me deeply and when I looked up what it was about, because there are just some songs that you can tell her about something very very deep, I found his background to the song so very touching. In fact, when i am highly stressed or have a migraine, his voice soothes me. This made me realize that Russell Crowe is 1 of those people that I would just like to get to know. A person like you or I , who has s high profile job which keeps him away from home. A person who I would want to be friends with, have good conversation and a soda with, someone to talk to when he or I – needs it. And that I why I highly respect Russell Crowe.

  18. Cheers to you and all who love Russell Crowe! Totally agree-a fine human being and an absolutely fantastic actor! My favorite-Sum of Us with the Jack Thompson-another brilliant actor. Wishing him all the best with his family and look forward to seeing him on the big screen-always!

  19. i’m also a newbie fan – just about to hit my fifth year anniversary in february – and i’ve had the luxury of being able to see all of his films (and bought all but one or two of them, some in multiple versions!) without waiting. i won’t add my two cents except to say that i agree with everything everyone else has said. our man is the best!
    my feeling about the academy awards and why russell gets ignored is that he is so good and so impossible to categorize that the nominators don’t know what to do with him. imho, he should have been nominated and won for proof, romper stomper, lac, insider, gladiator, abm, m&c, cm, 3:10 to yuma (love me some big bad bbbbben!), american gangster, the next three days and les mis. with so many films in which he gave his all and was the best part of each of them, what could the academy do? not long after i became a croweholic, i came to the decision that the academy can solve this conundrum simply by creating an award just for him, every year. “and next, the academy proudly presents the award for ‘russell crowe in any film he happened to make this year’. rustyl, please come up and get your annual statute.”
    but that’s just me.

  20. One of the best things i’ve ever read about Russell and believe me if i say you that i’ve read too many in the last 15 years. Thank you for remember me how much i love this man. Greetings from Spain.

  21. Hi, I like RC very much and I agree with you, he’s such an intelligent and talented artist! I must add to your report, long ago he made angry to important media people because he never wanted to play the Hollywood game, and since then, he’s received a negative image and comments, especially about his personal life. However, his brilliant work in movies always talks by itself and he has the respect of the public, so I guess he’s won that battle. I wish him the best in his profesional and family life. Greetings from Spain too!

  22. I just wanted to say ditto. My “relationship” with this actor also began with Virtuosity. Not a particularly great film but something clicked.. Something in his the voice, the way his body demands us to take watch him anytime he is on screen. He had me at “I think I’m going to like it here” and then, “I have been waiting for you since the day I was born” (Rough Magic, also 1995) Just teasing with the second quote but what I will say is that. there is no one else quite like him on film. I’ve seen every movie he’s ever made simply because he is in it. Even a bad film is better when he is onscreen. I will never understand why we presume we know these people personally just because they happen to have extraordinary public jobs. Somehow fans are entitled to judge them without knowing them beyond the characters they play? I generally don’t make these types of comments, but I do appreciate your post and feel the same. Intelligence and integrity are not always traits that are appreciated, celebrity and artistry don’t always harmonize well. I can understand why great actors like Crowe, Daniel Day Lewis, or a Jodie Foster might prefer their privacy. None play the game of “celebrity” very well. Nor should they have to as long as they continue to give us such great storytelling and entertainment opportunities—and as long as they don’t abuse the power that comes with such notoriety.

  23. All of the above posts are quite amazing. All totally true in my personal opinion. He has been a tiny part of my life for many years as is his wonderful family. They are truly proud of him as I am. He plays each and every part on the screen as it should be played and puts his heart and soul into his character. My admiration bubbles over constantly!!

  24. I’m really a les mis fan, though I’ve enjoyed Russell Crowe in other things. I went along to the film expecting him to spoil it, having read the reviews. So unfair… I’ve hear Javert sung by much stronger singers, but I’ve never enjoyed one more than I did Russell Crowe in the film. He sang as though he meant it and had real presence, actually really good. Please pass on my regards 🙂

  25. I feel like I’ve found the sane people…

    I’ve been in a choir, so I reckon I can judge if someone is really duff at singing, and frankly I thought he did a fine job as Javert, In fact when our group came out of the cinema, we all agreed that we preferred his voice to Hugh’s which surprised us (HJ’s was a bit heavy on the vibrato for our liking, though the performance was still fab). I felt he played Javert in an entirely appropriate way that was like a still centre to the film.

    Someone here said that the great thing is that he changes with each role, and that’s the key for me. He could have spent his life playing variations on Bud White or Maximus, but he didn’t. He nailed Aubrey (and I had been in love with Aubrey since well before Master and Commander, so that was quite a feat). He can do all the serious stuff, and comedy too. If you haven’t seen “A Good Year”, you must, especially if you need cheering up.

    The problem with the accent thing was that he had left his sense of humour behind after being ribbed about it in every interview and I suspect he was knackered. Admittedly the reviewer was teasing him, but if he’d just said, “Well it was closer to local than Kevin Costner’s”, I’m sure he’d have weathered the storm. You’re right, folk seem to want to take him down a peg or two, but when he’s in a good mood, he can take all kinds of daftness in his stride. You should watch him talking about Robin Hood on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK – warning, you may fall for him all over again.

    • I don’t have to worry about falling for him again. I just saw him in an interview about Broken City and Superman and realized he’s just a great bloke. All time, World Class.

    • Ooo… I love A Good Year! I was just watching it. Plus I just finished reading Master and Commander. I almost wonder if RC played the part of Jack Aubrey a shade too seriously! He’s one of the best literary characters I’ve ever read! And I’ll definitely have to look up his interview on Jonathan Ross. That must be fantastic! Thanks!

  26. Who doesn’t LOVE Russell?…oh just some idiots! Anyways I don’t care if he gets the lead role as a cartoon character….RUSSELL ROCKS…FULL STOP! OH N HE IS SOOOOO DREAMY!!!

  27. I watched Les Mis three times and, every time I heard Russell I said… he’s perfect depite the fact he’s not a full-time singer. Yes, his voice is not a broadway-like voice, but its depth fitted the character perfectly (along with his astounding acting skills, of course)

  28. Tthank you Merry for this article about the source of creativity and enthusiasm, excitement and thrill ..My hero ( RUSSELL CROWE ) !! Truly, I just can not stop myself from watching the most terrific movie i have ever seen ( Gladiator ). And I wish I could meet him to say I LOVE YOUUU !!!! ❤

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  30. You put into words exactly what I think and you did it wonderfully. Thank you! I saw Quick and the Dead when it came out, then Virtuosity, and I’ve liked him ever since. His Javert is my absolute favorite Javert. My teen has made me watch several versions of Les Miz just to verify. LOL. I love his singing too.

  31. Thank you for that beautiful words about Russell Crowe.I’m his fan to. He is intelligent, emotional and very, very talented artist. I just live him and respecting his work.I’m watching his movies over and over again. Greatings from Serbia. 🙂

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