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I’ve never been much for setting New Year’s resolutions, but let’s face it, 2012 was pretty awful in my world.  Maybe 2013 will be better if I resolve a few things.  But you know, life is so unpredictable.  Writing, on the other hand, is far more predictable than people think.  It takes focus and dedication.  So this year I’m going to make some Writing Resolutions.

The other day, as I was skimming through Facebook catching up with all of my writing friends, I noticed that someone proudly announced that they had reached their word count goal for the year.  Ooo….  A word count goal for the YEAR!  What a fabulous idea!  I said as much to her and she said that she stole the idea from someone else.  Is this something I didn’t know about?  Anyhow, I, Merry Farmer, resolve to set a word count goal for 2013 for myself.  I’m going to start “modestly” by setting that goal at 300,000 words.  Go me!

The perfect writing workstation

The perfect writing workstation

Okay, 300k words is roughly three books.  OR NOT.  I have plans to publish two books this year (cross fingers, knock on wood).  But there is more to writing than sweating out novels for publication.  A lot more.  So my second Writing Resolution for 2013 is to write something(s) for myself.  Yep, you heard me.  I am going to take some time out at some point from the grind of writing towards publication to amuse myself with my writing the way I always used to.  Writing for yourself  is fun.  It’s therapeutic.  It makes you remember why you started writing in the first place.  And if I’m being honest, a lot of those stories I write for myself end up being something I could publish down the road anyhow.  Or not.  I come up with some crazy stuff sometimes.

Along those lines, I am going to finish Fool for Love if it kills me!  Yes, I’m kind of struggling a bit with this second book in my Montana Romance series.  Not because it’s not any good, mind you.  I had this Christmas thing and my brother and best friend’s wedding sort of get in the way of my process in December.  So this resolution is more of a January resolution.  I’m going to write the hell out of that novel, as my hero, Eric, would say.

Speaking of specific books, I am also going to write A Duke and a Pirate and have it ready to take to the RWA nationals in Atlanta in July.  Just sayin’.  And right there, between those two books, I should have at least 200k of my 300k words for the year.  See?  Making resolutions is easy!

As for my next Writing Resolution, I’m going to write standing up more.  Huh?  What?  Why?  Because in 2012 I sort of killed my back by sitting down for hours at a time.  Just ask my chiropractor.  It’s bad.  I love writing and I want it to be my 9-5 job before too long here, but I can’t do that at the expense of my health.  So writing standing up it is!  In fact, I’ve got Ace, my laptop, set up on my ironing board right now as I type this.  … It need to be six inches taller.  I’ll figure that out soon.

More of this

More of this

And for my final 2013 Writing Resolution….  I am going to read more.  Yes, read.  Every writer needs to spend a large amount of time reading.  We should really be devouring novels and articles and everything in print like I devour cookies.  The sad truth of the matter is that I feel guilty for reading.  I know.  It’s completely contradictory.  But I do.  Every time I sit down to read a book I feel guilty for reading instead of writing.  I feel like I’m wasting or mismanaging my time.  In 2013 I’m going to get over that and read more.  Without the guilt.

So there you have it.  My Writing Resolutions for 2013.  I think they’re all pretty manageable.

So what are your resolutions, writing or otherwise, for this new year?  Do you make resolutions?

3 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions

  1. I stopped making resolutions a long time ago! I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing, eating healthy and losing more weight! I could resolve to get more exercise, but if I do, then I will surely break that resolution! LOL!

  2. Love the idea of writing resolutions, so I just stole it and wrote a blog post to put up tomorrow. 🙂 Some resolutions on the list are to match your yearly word count and read 20+ books, as well as care less about what others think and focus more on the writing part of things. I need to remind myself why I began writing in the first place and focus less on the parts of it that make me miserable. 🙂

  3. Apart from reading that all sounds like too much hard work! Happy New Year Merry.I hope it all goes your way.

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