2012 Year in Review

As a Historian, I’m always a sucker for those year in review things that people do at the closing of each year.  And since 2012 was an exceptionally eventful year for me, here’s my own personal version.  And so I give you, 2012, a year I will be happy to see the back of!

January started out deceptively quiet.  Not too much going on.  But 2012 hit me upside the head with a brick on February 1st at 9:15 am when the company I work for did layoffs.  And since I’m not allowed to talk about that or the mess of incriminations and back-stabbing by coworkers that happened later in February and in March because they now spy on my blog from time to time….  Heh heh heh….

Moving right along.

After all that I still had a job, but things were about to get a lot worse.  Worse?  Really?  Yes.

My goofy, vibrant brother Kelly

My goofy, vibrant brother Kelly

My older brother Brian Kelly Farmer passed away very suddenly of cancer in early May.  We got the call in mid-April that he had been diagnosed, and once we were told how bad it was, my younger brother Stewart and I rushed out to Ohio to be with Kelly.  Well, what we discovered was not only a brother suddenly dying, but a family in dire distress.  I’m not sure I can even talk about the week of pure insanity – literally – that we experienced.  Between my mentally ill sister-in-law making poor medical decisions on my brother’s behalf, Kelly’s obvious pain and eventual decline into a coma, and my beautiful and brilliant but also belligerent 16 year old niece and a trip that ended with my sister-in-law threatening to call the cops on me if I didn’t leave my brother’s house where I had been taking care of my niece and nephew for a week … it was bad.

I still don’t think I’ve recovered from that nightmare.  I may never recover.  But things did start to look up again.  I had a book to write.

First, in June I published Our Little Secrets, which I had worked on and finished way back in January before things got crazy.  I had started The Courageous Heart early in the year too, but I had stopped when the rollercoaster ride began.  By June I knew my deadline with my editor was looming and I had to get serious about writing.  So I went into a focus mode the likes of which I have never seen.  I was diligent about writing the first draft of that book.  I have never worked so hard in my life.  But lo and behold, I pulled it out by the end of July.  And it was terrible.  But there were still revisions to do.

Then came my personal high moment for the year – out of nowhere, I might add.  On a whim I decided to offer The Loyal Heart for free for my birthday.  Long story short, about two weeks later I had had over 50,000 copies of the book downloaded!  And I proceeded to sell more when it went back to regular price and to sell several copies of the sequel, The Faithful Heart.  Huzzah!

Add to that the fact that my brother Stewart FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend, my best friend, Kristine, on June 23rd, and the summer was pretty good.

Of course, my awful car threw a spanner in the works in September by breaking down and costing me $3000 to replace the transmission.  And then two and a half weeks later it wouldn’t start and I had to spend another $300 on starter sensors or whatever that was.  And two weeks or so after that it had another issue, although I can’t remember exactly what that one was, just that it cost me.  Throw into that a car-induced incident in October that was one of my major low points for the year but that I won’t talk about because it’s still too painful that involved a family member I thought was close MAJORLY letting me down and showing their true colors….

IMG_0611But the end of the year was redeemed by preparations for Stewart and Kristine’s wedding.  The wedding was just this past weekend, on Saturday the 29th, and it was fantastic!  Kristine was beautiful, Stewart was awesome, and everything went off without a hitch.  It really was the best wedding I have ever gone to.

Granted, I hate what I look like in all of the wedding pictures I’ve seen so far and I think that when I smile like that my teeth take over my face and my face looks five times as fat and wide as it actually is, but hey, you can’t win them all.

So that was 2012.  Aside from the good book stuff and the wedding, I’m happy to see it go!  Too much loss and too much trauma.  I am ready for 2013.  My horoscope says that things will be much, much better in 2013 because of something having to do with where Jupiter will be and the fact that Pluto is no longer conjuncted with something?  All I know is that I could use a break.  I’m supposed to have romance in 2013 too.  Okay, I could deal with that, although I have the worst romantic luck in the history of the universe.  But we’ll see.

Here’s to 2013!  May it be full of new beginnings and easier times.


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