Please Welcome Today’s Guest, Lily Byrne

Today I’d like to welcome a fellow writer and good friend of mine, Lily Byrne, to my blog.  Lily is the author of what I want to call Viking Romance, but as she explains, her stories go way beyond Historical Romance….

A definition of the genre I write

I’ve decided to name the genre I write in. My novels fall under the broad category of Historical Romance but I wanted to narrow it down and have a specific angle, as that’s what brand experts recommend. So I sat down and thought what I could offer my readers that maybe wasn’t offered in every historical romance.

I much prefer stories with a great deal of realism; I’m not keen on fantastical stories with monsters and unbelievable feats of human strength or endurance.

And I don’t write plot driven stories which may be an endless sequence of battles, people going on a quest to find something or exploring an unknown land. I can include those aspects but I prefer to explore characters and see what happens with them. I am fascinated by how people lived in the past: how did they handle the basic human problems we still have today?

So my genre is now called Realistic History. That is, stories set in historical periods but with characters we can all relate to and who find themselves in the same situations as we do in the 21st century. We are human, as were they. They had the same feelings, problems, dilemmas and joys as us.

My series of Viking/Saxon novels, beginning with ‘Ragnar the Murderer’ deals with such matters, like the uncertainty of first love, parental disapproval, marriage—whether unhappy or happy, parenthood, even contraception (which existed long before the present day, surprisingly), adultery, homosexuality, sibling rivalry. All of these situations have been going on since time began, but people had different ways of handling them depending on what century they were born in. I hope readers can relate to these themes in my stories.

Thanks Lily!

Check out Lily’s first novel, Ragnar the Murderer, here at

The second book in the series, Ragnar and the Slave Girl, has just released.

And be sure to catch up with Lily and everything she’s up to at her blog, Lily Byrne Writes


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