The Best Date Ever

Last Friday I wrote all about the worst break-up I’ve ever had and compared it to getting a really bad review.  This week, to balance the universe a little, I’d like to tell you about the best date I’ve ever been on.  Gentlemen, take note!  This date is something that was fun, easy to prepare, and about as inexpensive as it comes.

So I don’t exactly remember when this was.  At least 15 years ago.  And I don’t remember what I was doing out in the countryside where my high school classmate Mike lived.  All I know is that it was after high school, I hadn’t seen Mike for a while, and I was near his house in rural western Pennsylvania.  I can’t remember what precipitated going out for lunch with him, but I arrived at his house giddy with expectation, ready for anything.

There was no actual making out on this date, unfortunately
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Folks, Mike had packed a picnic.  Yep, a good, old fashioned picnic.  He had made me a turkey sandwich.  Not just any turkey sandwich either.  The turkey was sliced thick and came straight from a nearby farm.  The bread was fresh and amazing.  I can’t remember what else he put in the picnic basket, just that the sandwich was amazing.We drove a short distance, up to the top of a hill on his family’s property.  He had mowed a space in the middle of the tall grass that was just big enough for a blanket.  The area still smelled of fresh grass, a scent I love.  The late-summer crickets serenaded us with their best song.  That high up on the hill there was no ambient people noise, no cars or even planes.  It was a true retreat into the beauty of nature.  And the view was incredible!

I can’t remember what we talked about.  I can’t remember how long we were up there or what we did. Mike didn’t put the moves on me, which was actually really nice for a first date.  It was just a lovely, peaceful afternoon in the sun.

Okay, so aside from the obvious, what made this the best date I’ve ever been on?  Mike put so much thought into the whole thing.  He took his time to prepare.  Nothing he did was expensive or flashy.  It was sweet and simple and thoughtful.  It was very Mike.  And that turkey sandwich was wonderful!  I was impressed by the fact that he’d done everything himself, from mowing to making lunch to spreading the blanket.

Notice, Mike didn’t move mountains.  He didn’t make reservations at the finest restaurant in Pittsburgh.  He didn’t break out the caviar and champagne.  Now, that might have flattered me if he was a ritzy millionaire living that kind of lifestyle.  But Mike was and is a country boy at heart.  He did something that came from his heart and was unique to him.

So guys, if you’re trying to impress a lady, the best advice I can give you, as learned from this wonderful date, is to put yourself into what you do.  Present yourself honestly and thoughtfully.  Think about the girl you’re taking out and what would feel special to her.  Mike nailed that date because he didn’t overstretch himself or try hard to impress me in a way that wasn’t true to him.  He rocked it!

Ironically enough, Mike and I did end up dating for a while, but not until years later.  That’s another long story.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for several reasons.  But to this day I still think of Mike as the Good Boyfriend.  And if you read the dedication of my book Our Little Secrets you might notice a shout-out to Mike.

So what about you?  What is the best date you’ve ever been on?  I’d love to hear everyone’s stories.


7 thoughts on “The Best Date Ever

  1. That sounds like a lovely first date, and I agree; it’s not about splashing the cash or moving mountains. My best date ever was my first date with my husband. I didn’t even know it was a date. Heck, HE didn’t know it was a date. We met through a mutual acquaintance and he was in town and asked me to dinner. I always thought he was charming, fun, and friendly, but I was closer to the acquaintance than I was to him, so it was a bit of shock when I showed up at his hotel and he had a birthday present for me – a computer game that I might’ve mentioned ONCE in passing that I liked. We had dinner and drinks which was delicious and posh, but it could’ve been McDonalds and it still would’ve been a fairytale experience. It was the listening and thought he put into something I didn’t even expect, followed by intelligent conversation. Maybe I’ve been sheltered, but I don’t think I’d ever been on a date where the guy listened so intently. It really is the simple things!

    • It’s so amazing when a guy takes you out and just listens to you, isn’t it. And it’s the easiest thing to do. Well, in theory at least.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Merry – that sounds like a wonderful first date!! I haven’t had many dates that were truly memorable… For one date (I think it may have been a ‘first’ date) – we went to the grand opening of the first Meijer superstore in the Dayton, OH area. Actually, it was a nice date – a bit silly – but it was fun to check out the new store. Another nice date I had was going to a Frank Sinatra concert…very enjoyable. I’ve also had some not-so-nice dates – they weren’t bad, but they weren’t great. Like you say, it’s not that hard to plan an enjoyable date…

    • I don’t know, silly dates are sometimes the most fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date that was truly silly, but hey, there’s always hope for tomorrow!

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Merry,
    I am not sure if it counts as a date, but my husband whisked me away for a romantic weekend. He planned it all without me knowing. Refused to tell me where we were going as we drove to a historic spa nestled in the foothills of Indiana. On our way, he called to make sure his surprise was complete.

    Our room was sprinkled with rose petals, and chocolate covered strawberries were waiting complete with a note. The best thing was he came up with this idea on his own. He was so anxious that I’d like it. Loved it.

    • That counts as a date. And it sounds really cool too. Especially since he came up with the idea on his own. My last boyfriend whisked me away for a weekend at Niagara Falls … but that’s a whole other story and not blog appropriate! *wiggles eyebrows*


  4. Sorry I’m so late commenting. That sounds like a really sweet date. I think the date that most stands out in my memory, is with my husband. He was stationed at Ft. Bragg and I was in college. I took him to a party my department had. As I was drinking a glass of wine and talking to someother students and professions, I felt something nibbling my ankle. When I looked down, my future husband was stretched out under a table, all 6’4″ of him. That got my attention.

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