Psychic Powers? I Got ‘Em

So you probably didn’t know this, but I’m psychic.  Yes I am.  Cool, eh?  Well, sort of.  I mean, people have one of a couple of different reactions when I tell them I’m psychic.  Usually it’s either “Duh, there’s no such thing” or “Cool!  Can you tell me my future?”

Okay, the first thing you need to know about real psychics is that they do not tell the future.  Any psychic who isn’t trying to scam you and take all of your money will tell you that.  The future is unwritten and subject to change.

So what does a psychic do then?  Well, a real psychic, one who doesn’t go on TV wearing veils and bangles with too much eye make-up, will tell you which way your compass is pointing.  That’s pretty much it.  They have intuition about you from being around you and talking to you.  Sometimes they use cards or stones or symbols to tell them things.  But mostly it’s about those feelings that you get.

Ah, you say, that’s not psychic at all.  That’s just being really intuitive about people.

Yeah, I buy that.  I would be willing to say that “psychic power” is really just a flashy way of saying someone is extremely perceptive about others based on visual and verbal cues.  I wouldn’t consider that fraud or anything though.  There are a lot of people out there who are anything but perceptive and they need someone to point out the not-so-obvious to them.

So that’s psychics debunked, right?

Well, almost.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re trying to figure out if someone is really psychic or not?  “Tell me something that no one else knows about me.”  Right?

There I was, my first psychic reading ever.  It was at a psychic convention in Huntsville, Alabama.  A friend I had made down there was very into things like astrology and psychics.  She had plotted my entire star chart for me and proceeded to tell me that I was crazy because it was full of conflicting elements.  I was tickled pink, of course.  And there were a lot of things about that chart that make reasonable sense.  But that’s another story.

I sat down across the table from this middle aged, wrinkly woman in clothes that could be considered hippie.  I really didn’t expect much.  I knew I was perceptive about things, but seriously?  This was a complete stranger who didn’t know a thing about me.  I was ready for her to tell me a lot of generic mumbo-jumbo that could apply to anyone in the room.

And then she said, “You have a strong spirit protecting you.  She has a very motherly presence.  It’s your mother.”

Okay, my Mom had died about two years before that.  I was in my early 30s at the time and there was no way that random old me walking into a convention center crowded with people and sitting down could have given her a clue that my Mom had died.  I was impressed.

But then she said, “You have another guardian.  He’s a man dressed in white and he’s carrying a sword.  It’s Michael the Archangel.”

Now that gave me chills!  Why?  Because for years I had had dreams, daydream or otherwise, about a man in white with a sword who kept really bad things from happening to me.  And in my musings about this guy I had flippantly named him Michael.

Telling someone they have a guardian is one thing.  Describing him like that could apply to anyone.  Michael the Archangel is a pretty common figure of various religious systems.  So any of that could have been a totally random guess.  But even if the Michael of my imagination was just a character I conjured up from the same part of my brain that makes up stories … how did she know?  I had never really shared my Michael with anyone.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but that’s one hell of a coincidence!

So back to me being psychic.

I’ve had premonitions about things.  When I was seven I dreamed the day that my Granddad died pretty much exactly the way it happened six months later.  When I was in high school I had a bad feeling about a boy who was a senior when I was a freshmen, and he was killed in a fall the summer after graduating.  When I was in Alabama trying to develop my psychic abilities I had a premonition that one of my classmates would have a tragedy in his family, and a few days later his father committed suicide.

But my “favorite” prediction of all was in May of 2011.  I was on a trip to New York City with my grad school class to see a Broadway show.  We went to the World Trade Center to buy tickets.  As we were walking between the two towers I looked up and had the most horrible sensation of fear that I’ve ever felt.  And I turned to the person next to me and said, “I have the most horrible feeling like the building is coming down on top of me.”  Well, we all know what happened four months later!  I’m glad I went on record as saying that to someone because otherwise no one would have believed me.

The moral of the story is, if I tell you I think you’re going to die, watch out!

So do I really believe in psychic powers?  Eh, I don’t know.  It’s a very cool thing to think about.  I’ve had evidence that would lead me to believe.  I’ve had explanations that would lead me to doubt.  I guess it changes with my mood.  If we ever meet in person I’ll do a reading for you and see what we end up with.

What do you think?  Psychic powers or no psychic powers?


10 thoughts on “Psychic Powers? I Got ‘Em

  1. “It’s a very cool thing to think about. I’ve had evidence that would lead me to believe. I’ve had explanations that would lead me to doubt. I guess it changes with my mood.”
    ^^^^Totally this! 😛

    And I expect a reading, as promised, if ever I meet you in real life! 😉

  2. Merry, I believe! I too am psychic like that. I know things will happen before they do and I always trust my knowledge, when I dont I miss out or get in trouble! I had an eerie experience with a psychic once who read me…told me I was adopted and where I was born. And at a random convention center. I know they can pick things up from you with your clothes, mannerisms, etc. but that was deep.

    • It’s so interesting the way things like readings work. Just when I’m convinced that it’s all just about imagination and perception something comes along that you just can’t explain. It’s kind of cool.

  3. Yup me too. I worked at it for a bit, but it got creepy and anyway God disapproves so I knocked it on the head. The dead don’t have much to say anyway and my tarot got to 70% accurate, but it wasn’t as satisfying as meditation and prayer, which gives me peace.

    • It got kind of creepy for me too at a certain point. Not just the psychic feelings but the people who flock to that too. There’s a kind of desperation there that I was uncomfortable with after a while. I pretty much stay away from it these days.

  4. You know I’m very much a skeptic, so my answer probably won’t surprise you.

    I think that there are a lot of things that we haven’t found an explanation for yet. To believe that you’re psychic, or that there’s such a thing as a psychic, I’d have to believe that archangels or spirits exist, and that they can move between this world and the next. Heck, I would have to believe that there *is* a next world, and frankly – based on my own evidence, or lack of it – I can’t.

    I’m not saying that, based on your own anecdotal evidence, that you’re wrong to believe as you do. Each to their own. I just can’t. Maybe you should go for the James Randi $1,000,000 challenge. You never know, you might just be the one to convince us skeptics that psychics do exist. 🙂

    • Ah, Cheryl, now you’ve touched on something that’s been occupying my thoughts a lot lately, belief. I was raised with very strong (although not conventional) beliefs in the existence of God and an afterlife and all that. I’ve been doing a lot of questioning of that lately. It’s funny how human existence is so full of things that we can neither prove nor disprove definitively. I think that imagination is key to finding those answers.

      In the end for me it all comes down to this: I can’t prove it, I can’t disprove it, so why not have fun with it and believe in wildly improbable things? As far as the afterlife goes, if it exists then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If it doesn’t then I won’t exist anymore to care one way or another. With psychic abilities and things, since I don’t plan my life based on them, it’s kind of just fun to pretend it’s all legit. If it’s all just baloney, then oh well. 🙂

  5. I have not had any experiences of this kind of thing myself, but I believe other people who have/say they have. I don’t try to disprove things I can’t – and equally I don’t try to prove things. I’m keen to find someone who could predict things for me, but in that respect I have found some real charlatans. I’ll keep searching though!

  6. Several times I’ve had dreams that feature a person I was close to who died. There usually seems to be some kind of message for me in them – mostly that I shouldn’t worry about the deceased person or that they’re still trying to comfort me, even a decade after the death. There is an intense emotional and tactile quality to these dreams that hangs over me for days. Perhaps those people who died are still close to me in some sense. Or perhaps my brain creates these experiences in my sleep because I wish I could see those people again. I’m perfectly willing to believe either of these explanations and don’t dwell on it too much.

    One night last year I had a dream that I was at my in-laws’ house and my sister-in-law walked in with a huge smile carrying a new baby. The next morning my husband got the message that his sister had had a healthy baby, but I felt like I had already gotten the news. I just knew the baby had been born as soon as I woke up. Psychic powers??!!?? Or a dream engendered by the knowledge that my sister-in-law was nine months pregnant? We’ll never know…

    Self-proclaimed psychics usually leave me pretty skeptical, but I don’t pretend that I know everything about the world. Thanks for sharing!

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