Great Romances – Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

A couple of weeks ago one of my Facebook friends posted an article about the ten most disappointing or least inspiring sci-fi couples ever.  One of the couples on that list was Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.  I wish I could find that article again (believe me, I’ve tried) but the gist of their argument was that there was no spark between the two.

Of course, the article even said that the problem was the lack of chemistry between the actors who portrayed the characters in the movie version and that if you read the book the Harry/Ginny romance is a lot more interesting.  I wholeheartedly agree with this.  In fact, I was going to write about that Harry/Ginny romance, but then I realized I would be missing the point if I did.  Because the truly great romance of the Harry Potter books is Ron and Hermione.

What makes Ron and Hermione such a great couple is the fact that they have known each other since they were kids.  They met on the Hogwart’s Express only moments after Harry and Ron met.  And of course neither was particularly impressed from the get-go.  But against the odds they became friends.

Another thing that makes Ron and Hermione such an awesome couple is that they kick butt together.  This is not a relationship where one is the hero and the other is the sidekick.  They are both sidekicks, which gives them a degree of equality that, frankly, you just don’t see in a lot of romances, even in our modern world.  They each brought something unique to the table in their efforts to help Harry defeat Voldemort.  Throughout the series they took turns being more or less prominent in Harry’s world, but as far as I can tell one never overpowered the other.  It is a partnership of equals.

And yet those equal things are not the same things.  Ron isn’t as smart as Hermione, but I personally think Hermione doesn’t have the heart that Ron has.  And to me it’s sort of brilliant that in this pairing it is the boy who is the heart and the girl who is the head.  How’s that for turning stereotypes on their heads?

They’re also brilliant as a couple because there is and has always been so much fire between them.  They bickered from the get-go.  And as everyone knows, bickering is a sign of something much deeper waiting to burst out.  Of course these two kids, with their confusing hormones popping and their unfamiliar new adult feelings wrapping them up in knots, would take out that energy on each other.  Rowling presented the budding romance like someone who understands adolescence all too well.

I also happen to think that Ron and Hermione are a perfect example of opposites attracting.  They have different approaches to life and problems.  And yet they end up in the same place eventually because in their deepest cores they are far more alike than unalike.  They are yin and yang.

For a second I thought they were going to go there!

I will concede that the relationship is much more vivid and alive in the books than it was in the movies.  Frankly, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson had some seriously good chemistry and if you’re just watching the films of course you’re going to want Harry and Hermione to get together.  But that has nothing to do with the characters and everything to do with the actors portraying them.  And as we all know, the movie is never as good as the book.  In the book it’s Ron and Hermione all the way.

So way what you will about Harry and Ginny, who I also happen to think are brilliant together, when it comes down to it, Ron and Hermione are the great lovers of the Harry Potter series.

P.S. Why are there so many bizarre HP pairings (and resultant porn) all over the internet???


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  1. I hate Harry Potter stories. I read the first one as a teacher to see what the kids were reading. It may have sold a lot of copies, but so do posters of celebrities.It’s not very good writing, sort of written as a film of the book, but oddly the other way around. Neither of my children can stand them as books; they’ve read the Children’s book canon too, Alice in Wonderland, House At Pooh Corner, Narnia series etc. No I don’t like Harry Potter books, but I agree on the opposites romance theory. My wife and i have practically nothing in common, but we are two halves of one being; soul mates, whom no-one understands why we are together.

  2. I agree especially about the onscreen romance of Harry and Ginny. Every time they kiss it’s a total yawn-fest. I like the point about Hermione and Ron both being sidekicks.

    Yo Professor Richard Wiseman, did you declare the whole series defunct after reading just one book? I’d say that’s ill-advised. Of course the prose itself is less than scintillating. But give Rowling credit for good plot and themes.

  3. Hi Alaina, sorry to disappoint you but I’m not Professor Richard Wiseman. I’m plain old Richard L Wiseman. Secondly yes the plots are reasonably good and it’s inventive stuff, but personally I didn’t like the style of writing. That’s of course a personal opinion.

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