It was a busy weekend of editing and I’ll confess that I didn’t have time to write a new Medieval Monday post. So I thought I’d reach back and repost this gem about some of my favorite Medieval women writers to celebrate the fact that writing is why I have no new post today.  So apparently if you click on that link that says “Reblogged from Merry Farmer” it’ll take you right to it!  Enjoy!

Merry Farmer

The Middle Ages.  They weren’t what you thought they were.  Welcome to Medieval Monday, in which I employ my two History degrees and irritation about the misconceptions of Days of Yore to bring you topics about an era you only think you know.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet….

Writer Girls

In last week’s Medieval Monday blog I wrote about women who ruled.  Yes, contrary to popular belief, there were women in the Middle Ages who held positions of power and were able to exercise authority independently over vast kingdoms.  They weren’t the only ones who had power in the Medieval and Renaissance worlds.  I spent some time talking about one of my personal favorite women of history, Catherine of Aragon.  Catherine was a highly educated woman who made the education of all women of means a fashion.  But it might surprise you to know that some women were well-renowned for…

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