Six Sentence Sunday – Our Little Secrets

I’ve been hearing about this Six Sentence Sunday thing for ages, but I haven’t really stopped to get to know what it is.  Well, it looks like it’s a fun thing with authors where they post six sentences from their Work in Progress as a little tease.  And everyone needs a little tease on Sunday.

So, since I’m so very close to finishing a massive revision of my latest, Our Little Secrets, which is due at the editor in a week and a day, I thought I’d encourage myself by posting six sentences.  Because it is Sunday, after all.

Our Little Secrets is a Historical Romance (of couse) set in Montana in 1895….  Two people, one impulsive decision, a mess of little secrets….


He closed his mouth and stood straighter.  “That’s very … confident of you.”

“There are days, Mr. West, when it feels like confidence is the only thing I’ve got going for me.”

A lopsided grin tweaked the corners of Michael’s mouth.  If this poised beauty expected to find a husband amongst the miners and cowboys of Cold Springs she was out of luck.  Not one of them was up to the challenge.


Hmm.  It’s harder than I thought to find just six sentences that capture the story and the reader in one.  Alright then, I’ll cheat.  If you want to read the whole first chapter, it’s right here:  Chapter One

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  1. Loved it! Got a sense of both characters in this six! And welcome to SSS! It’s so fun when I see someone I already follow join in 🙂 Be sure to sign up on Tuesdays at so you can get on the list. It’s so much fun and you get to find a lot of new authors…

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