Delilah Marvelle Book Giveaway Winner

Okay, so it’s not Saturday morning.  I get a big Giveaway Timeliness FAIL for this one.  My excuse: Christmas Eve.  I was far, far busier than I thought I’d be today.  I published a book this morning then snuggled with a friend-baby all afternoon.

But the Kleenex box has spoken and the winner is…

Angela Quarles!

Angela, if you could please email me at by Wednesday with your mailing address I’ll pass that along to Delilah and we’ll get your signed copy of Forever and a Day out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks Delilah and everyone who participated!

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Delilah Marvelle Book Giveaway Winner

  1. Speaking of Faithful Heart being out now…I got a kindle for xmas, right next to the default copy of the Oxford dictionary it came with, yours will be the first book on it and the first book I read from it 😀

    Just gotta buy it and figure out how the heck to get it permanently on my kindle. I tried doing the first book but it only lets me read it and then it disappears if I back out of it XD

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