Yay! I Published a Novel! … Now What?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pride that I sit here and write this special edition blog announcing the ePublication of my debut novel, The Loyal Heart.  Yay!

And there was much rejoicing.

After all the hoopla of last-minute editing and formatting and the nail-biting associated with uploading the blasted thing to all the important sites at long last I was exhausted.  Thoroughly and completely exhausted.  Who would have thought that sitting in front of a computer screen all day would be so physically and mentally taxing?  It’s true though, however much work you think it’s going to be, it’s going to be more work than that.  But now it’s up there.  My baby is all grown up and off on its own in the world.

And now I am faced with the singular sensation of being back at square one.  Yep.  I’ve got a novel that needs writing.  Hmm.  Yeah.  I should probably get around to doing that.  Especially since the novel I just published is the first in a trilogy.  Gosh, I sort of seriously committed to doing this whole crazy process all over again at least two more times, didn’t I.  And the second book, The Faithful Heart, is just sitting there on my computer begging and whining for me to work on it.

Hello, Square One, good to be back here again.

As great as the sense of accomplishment that comes with publishing a book is, it is a far more fleeting thing than I ever could have imagined.  I mean, it took me about ten minutes after clicking “publish” to start to feel anxious and guilty because I wasn’t actively writing.  The riddles and mysteries of the everlasting phenomenon that is the Work in Progress were already knocking on my door as my brother and best friend took me out for some celebratory ice cream.  Once again my mind was slipping off to that place where it goes to figure out plot problems as they were trying to talk to me.  Yeah, people should know by now that it’s useless to talk to me when I’m in those moods.

But there’s also a new kind of worry.  It’s the heart-stopping anxiety that tells me “what if that’s it?”  I’m so proud of The Loyal Heart.  Can I really do that again?  Can lightning strike a second time?  A third?  A fourth?  I mean, we’ve all heard the stories of Writers who wrote one book, published it, and then dried up.  Does that really happen?  Does the well really run dry or does fear put a giant plug in it?  I’m banking on the fact that any trepidation I feel is just temporary.  I mean, I have a draft of The Faithful Heart written already, and even though I’m drastically rewriting a bunch of it, I have done this before.  Not to mention the two novels in my sci-fi series that are already drafted and the one and a half novels of my Montana, 1895 series that are finished.  Oh, and the giant file of notes and summaries for about two dozen other stories sitting in the corner of my living room.  Yes, I can do this again.  I can start over.  The time has come to pull that thought to the forefront.

The one resounding point that I’m taking out of this experience is that it’s a never-ending cycle.  It’s Writer Reincarnation.  One book reaches the end of the cycle and releases you, the author, to begin the cycle again.  The process itself is poetry.  And once again, all the pain and frustration, irritation with things not coming together and out-and-out writer’s block, all the joy of figuring it out and the pleasure of each second spend absorbed with your characters and their world is back again.  I gotta tell ya, it’s pure bliss with all its warts and blushes.

So here I go, back to the grindstone to somehow perform a second miracle and turn out the second book in The Noble Hearts series, The Faithful Heart.  Wish me luck!

No, on second thought, don’t wish me luck.  Go buy The Loyal Heart instead. 😉

Link for Kindle Version: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005R4K75W

Link for Nook Version:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-loyal-heart-merry-farmer/1106051739?ean=2940013338814&itm=1&usri=merry%2bfarmer

Link for Smashwords Version (which covers everything else):  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/92993

11 thoughts on “Yay! I Published a Novel! … Now What?

  1. I’ve just gone there myself, and put up my YA historical fantasy “Urchin King” on Smashwords and Amazon (can’t do B&N because I’m not from the US). You are absolutely right — it is trying and taxing and tedious to publish this way, but I’ve got much more control about the whole project. Don’t you like your own cover much better than anything a traditional publisher might have come up with?

    Although I’m not much of a romance reader, I bought your story. It sounds interesting. I’ll try to to read it asap.

    • Thanks! I hope the novel doesn’t disappoint.

      Yeah, indie publishing has its own issues, but I honestly do prefer it this way, even though that flies in the face of conventional wisdom about publishing. And in the end all the work is worth it!

  2. Yes, there are writers who published once and dried up. There are also those who wrote one book and sold the paperback rights for $400,000. It was a rather famous book, maybe you heard of it. It was about this rather homely girl who was picked on by her classmates and she gets revenge with telekinetic powers. Carrie, by Stephen King. Who knows, maybe lightning does strike for you!!

    • I’m sure I can do it. I’m plugging away at the second book in the trilogy right now. It’s just that I’m at the self-doubt phase of the process right now. =D

  3. I’ve read the sample as far as I’m able before purchasing it, and blinked in surprise to find I was already 20% in.

    I must say, the sample ends at an intriguing line too! A small teaser, but a bit of a teaser nonetheless. I think that works out as a bonus for you. I plan to read the rest, of course, when I actually have the $3 in the bank to afford it 😀

    I admit to being unsure, knowing it was a romance novel but ZOMG female robin hood without being robin hood. ❤

    Already shippin Crispin and Aubrey 😀

    • I feel like this one isn’t necessarily as romance-y as most romance novels are. Then again, as the author I have no perspective on it at all anymore.

      And I do love the Crispin/Aubrey ship. 😉 There’s another ship in there that is the focus of book two that I think you’ll like too. =D

      • If you’re talking about nun-obsessed Jack and MP….>

        You tapped into the kind of stories I tried to imagine myself in as a small girl devouring swashbuckling movies and wishing buttercup would grow a frickin backbone (among other things), quit being a spoiled jerk, and pick up a sword too already!

    • Heart, arrow, it’s all the same. =D

      Well all I can say is if you like the book then giving it 5 stars on Amazon couldn’t hurt. Neither could telling all your friends. =P

      • I’ve already left goodreads, facebook, and twitter messages about it, haven’t written a review yet though, plan on reviewing it on my blog Friday, then will likely copy and paste that review at the other places (amazon, goodreads, etc.)

        No prompting necessary 😀

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