Ten Random Things About Me

There is a fun little game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve been poked by the awesome Samantha Warren (@_SamanthaWarren). To play, you simply need to be poked by someone. Then you list 10 random facts about yourself and tag four more people. Here are my random facts. Hope you enjoy!

1.  I have the world’s worst luck with men.  Seriously.  Bad timing, a few bad choices, and stupid extenuating circumstances.  Plus I always seem to fall for guys who are taken.  It would be sit-com worthy if it wasn’t so un-funny.  =P

2.  I suffered from severe agoraphobia starting when I was in elementary school.  It got worse up until 9th grade when I finally started cognitive therapy.  I’m perfectly fine now.  My 16 year old self would never have believed I’d be completely un-agoraphobic at age 37!  But…

3.  I am still terrified of throwing up.  Haven’t puked since 1995 in spite of a couple bouts of flu and food poisoning.  I WILL NOT PUKE!!!

Speaking of illnesses…

4.  In November of 2009 I had Swine Flu and a kidney stone … at the same time.

5.  While laying on my couch barely conscious and in excruciating pain for 4 days with said Swine Flu and kidney stone I watched three seasons of The Office back-to-back.

6.  I hate the way my teeth look in photos.  They’re HUGE!  They may be straight, but they take over my entire face when I smile.  Meh!

Speaking of teeth…

7.  I went to the dentist in April.  I hadn’t been to the dentist in 10 years.  I had ZERO cavities!  Ha ha!  I also still have my wisdom teeth.

8.  I love, love, love super large families.  Probably because I have a grand total of ONE immediate family member (my brother whom I love and whose teeth, as you can see, do not take over his face in photos).  Our dad left when I was 6 and my brother was 3.  Our mom died of breast cancer in 2001.

9.  I am fascinated by different religions and have read the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, part of the Book of Mormon, and various other holy books.  Guess what?  They all essentially say the same thing with different wrapping paper.  I completely don’t understand the idea of religious intolerance.

10.  I’m psychic.  I used to do readings for people but I stopped when I correctly foresaw someone’s death.  It was really upsetting.  Along those psychic lines, I feel sick for days before a natural disaster happens.  That earthquake in Virginia?  I felt terrible Monday and yesterday until it hit.  Then I felt fine.  I did the same thing with the earthquakes in Haiti & Chile and the one in Indonesia that caused the tsunami.  True story.

And now I tag:

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4 thoughts on “Ten Random Things About Me

  1. Your brother’s smaller teeth make him look sneakier…there are eeeeevil plots going on in that brain, I’m sure of it ^,~

    Your smile may take up your entire face, but that’s part of why it’s so beautiful!

    Also, I’m only kidding about your brother…though the expression on his face does strike me as pranksterish…just wait until she sees the fake snake I left in her bed mwahahah.

    • *LOL* Actually, my brother is Mr. Serious. And I once put a giant rubber tarantula in his bed! He hates spiders. His reaction was priceless (lots of jumping and running involved). Not sure if I’ve been forgiven for that one. =P

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